rings of smoke

some humour compasion and a touch of sadness


2. Chapter 2

"Who do you think I am?" I said pulling my cigerette out of my mouth with two fingures. "Think I'm a joke? Well I can tell you I am not a joke!" I said waving the cigerette about, leaving a trail of smoke around my head. "Look rochelle. We need the evidence. Just tell us about yourself and mabye we will prove you to be infact not guilty." I shook my head and put the cigerette tight in between my lips. "Tell the court NOW where you were on the 7th of April. If you are not guilty you may answer this question confidently without any hesetation. Go on." Sid (the other lawer) grinned very unpleasently. I took the cigerette out of my mouth as a large lump appeared in my throat. Like it were to be the lump you get as if you were about to cry. I popped my cheek out with my tough and stared at sid, who was leaning over me and smiling.

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