The Day The Darkness Came

The Day the Darkness Came is a Zombie/Survival novel.

Charting the journey of one survivor and those close to him as he tries to find a way to sanctuary and stay alive.


2. Day 1 (The First Few Hours part 2)


He rounded the gate and followed the small trail of blood up that led up to door of one of the sheds. With a cold shiver, fear had caught up with him, cautiously he edged towards the door and noticed it was ajar. Unable to see it he looked around for something to arm himself with. Across from the shed was a small open fronted workshop used for looking after the various vehicles that were kept here. He moved slowly away from the shed door and carefully and quietly walked over to one of the benches in the workshop and looked for something he could wield. There was the usual assortment of spanners and other tools, and hanging on the wall was the ubiquitous claw hammer but tucked in the corner was a slightly dusty cricket bat. Why it was in the workshop he didn’t know or care but it was perfect. With this fine piece of English willow in his hands he made his way towards the shed.   

His palms were sweating and he could feel the shivers of fear as he edged the door open using the cricket bat. It was dark inside and the Autumn sunlight did not penetrate far into the darkness. He stepped over the threshold and with the bat held close he fumbled for the light switch just inside the door frame. After what seemed like an age but was only a mere few moments the old light bulb burst into life dimly illuminating the source of the blood trail. There in the shadow was someone huddled over what appeared to be an old blanket covered in blood. They did not move or seem startled by the light but he wasn’t going to take any chances. Scanning the shed he couldn't see anyone else apart from the boxes and garden furniture stored for the winter. On the floor was clumps of what seemed to be fur and then the realisation hit him, that wasn’t a blanket it was one of the dogs. From the viewpoint of the door way he could now make out the bloodied shape of what was once a dog. He called out to the person in the shadow, there was no response. Moving slowly he brought the cricket bat up in front of him tensing his grip on the handle.  

As he got closer he could make out the features of the person and realised it was [insert person and relationship]. From the rear he couldn't see their face but their clothes were dirty and dishevelled. He moved towards them and he could see they had their face up against the dogs remains. He was about two feet away when [person] swung round to face him. In a moment of clarity he could see that they had been eating the dog. Blood was smeared across their face and all down the front of their clothes. He stepped back unsure of what to do, faced with seeing [person] in such a state it pained him to accept that they had succumb to the infection.

He knew he couldn't leave them like this but he had never taken another’s life. His mind raced and for the only idea he had was to seal them in the shed for now. He edged backwards towards the door but before he had a chance to get very far, [person] got up and swiftly moved towards him. Their face was emotionless and their eyes cold and lifeless, their skin was a grey pallor. He tightened his grip on the cricket bat and slowly stepped back. With what seemed to be lightening speed [person] lunged for him grabbing at his jacket, their bloodied mouth wide open and drooling with saliva.

He stumbled back and nearly lost his footing and without thinking brought the bat up and swung down hard and fast. There was a sickening crack and [person] fell to the floor motionless with blood pooling from where he had hit them. Not knowing what to do he stood there for a moment trying to get his breath back. After a few minutes he knelt down beside [person] and checked their pulse, there was nothing. As far as he could tell they were dead. Not wanting to hang around he left the shed and closed the door, looking around for something to barricade it with he remembered the hammer in workshop. Running over to were it was he searched around until he found some nails and then proceeded to seal the door shut as best he could.


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