The Wrong Way Square.

Remember to close a book before you watch it.


1. Going To Sleep...

She woke closing her wide awake eyes that morning with her feet glued to her pillow, as she lay looking up at her mattress.

Getting up she closed her curtains and stretched down, whilst looking in on the beautiful summer’s day in the middle of winter.

She pushed her wardrobe doors, putting in a pair of pyjamas to wear on such a windy day.  

Walking up the stairs she went down to her bathroom to have some dinner which she put out under the counter.  

She screamed when she yawned (this always happened) and picked up her cat whilst unlocking her car ready to go to work.

The streets were busy and all the cars were bumper to bumper as she cruised though the empty roads.

Suddenly she arrived on the roof of her nursery ready to end the busy day.

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