In the middle of the night, Annie is woken up by her older brother telling her they need to run, leaving her with and impossible choice.Suddenly she doesn't know what to expect from the one person she thought she knew through and through, and everything Annie thought she knew slowly starts to unravel.


2. Reasons

Annie’s eyes were frozen as she fixed them on a stain as sat on the train, it was a black smudge, like ink, as if someone had written something and attempted to rub it out.

Rub out.

Erase it.

Forget about it.


All these words spun in her head, but they were too painful to settle her mind on.

Across from her, Darren sat. Avoiding her eye contact, 'typical of him,'  she thought. His eyes waltzed across the train carriage, darting from one space to another- just like they always did when there was an uncomfortable situation. as if he was searching for something else he could focus on.


The mental buzz of all these thoughts was interrupted by someone taking hold of her hand. “Trust me,” Darren whispered. But looking at him, Annie wondered was it her, or himself he was trying to convince.

She shook her hand loose of her brother’s sweaty grasp- shooting him a piercing look with her emerald green eyes. “ What now Darren? You drag me out of bed at… Ridiculous o’clock, tell me to pack my things and run.You tell to forget about everything. Everything. You just expect me to leave everything behind for...in fact, Darren, I don't even know why I'm here!" tears streamed down Annie's face. "Now we’re God knows where, you’re telling me nothing and I have no idea what to expect from you anymore! What is this?! A stunt? Are you trying to prove something to dad or-“

“Don’t even mention dad…” Darren growled through gritted teeth. He swallowed like he was taking some sort of foul medicine.


“you really want to know, huh?” Darren looked at her sideways, as if to question her curiosity. But  he knew her. She'd be determind to even get a glimpse of what he was thinking, she was inquizitive.

Darren shrugged and smiled to himself smugly. Whilst inwardly and darkly relishing the fact he knew a secret that she didn't. 


“ He isn’t even your dad, An,”


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