In the middle of the night, Annie is woken up by her older brother telling her they need to run, leaving her with and impossible choice.Suddenly she doesn't know what to expect from the one person she thought she knew through and through, and everything Annie thought she knew slowly starts to unravel.


3. Familiar Faces

Sitting on the park bench, with the hollow company of empty beer bottles around him, James lit a the last cigarette he had. He coughed after taking a drag and threw it on the ground. With his unshaven face in his hands he knew it would be time he get back to his apartment. Another day another dawn right? Not that today would be any different than yesterday, or the day before.  Kicking one of several cheap bottles of beer at his feet, he staggered down the path which lead to the main street- passing the usual people as he went; the overweight middle-aged man who seemed determined to keep his New Year's Resolution. The gaggle of mums that power-walked furiously as they put the world to rights. 

The rubbing of his eyes and scratching of his head was rudely interrupted by the impending crowd of commuters he'd have to make his way through outside the train station entrance. Pushing and shoving. He'd learnt over the years that being polite in this situation wasn't an option. 

"Watch where you're going why don't you?" A red-headed girl was staring him in the face with an expression that would've potentially started a war.

"I'm just trying to get home, sweetie!" James  replied in the sarcastic tone that had got him into trouble on more than one occasion. He smiled at her condescendingly and spun back around. He was about to continue walking, only to be stopped in his tracks by a tap on the shoulder.

" I'd appreciate it if you didn't shove my sister around," said the low male voice behind him. Just my luck, he thought  of course I end up pissing off the protective big brother

" Listen to me mate, I didn't mean to hurt your little princess alright...."

His words faded into the air.

He froze.

He stared at the stranger in the eyes. Only, he wasn't a stranger at all.

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