In the middle of the night, Annie is woken up by her older brother telling her they need to run, leaving her with and impossible choice.Suddenly she doesn't know what to expect from the one person she thought she knew through and through, and everything Annie thought she knew slowly starts to unravel.


1. 2 Am

“Annie wake up!”

Annie awoke to find her brother Darren shaking her. He looked scared. She’d never seen her brother scared before.

 “What the hell Darren?” She sat up in bed, lazily wiped her eyes and yawned. Looking around her room she saw that every drawer, shelf and cupboard had been completely torn apart. “It’s like two in the morning...Hey get your hands off my stuff asshole!”

Darren was franticly going through all her drawers, he was constantly looking over his shoulder  as he grabbed random items of clothing and stuffed them into the large hold-all beside him.

“Would you get out of your bed and do what I say? Get dressed, and pack a bag! We need to leave! NOW!”

Confused and tired, she simply turned the light off and tried to get back to sleep. “What on earth on you on about? I don’t know what you’re smoking in those cigs of yours Daz but-”

Suddenly Darren grabbed her arm and dragged her out of bed. “Let go! Jesus you’re hurting me!” Annie shrieked as she tried to struggle free.

“LISTEN TO ME!” Darren’s voice commanded her attention, forcing her to look at him.  Everything stopped. Everything was quiet.

“Listen to me. Our ticket out of here leaves in half an hour. You come with me, you take the chance, you forget about everything else, you forget this house, you forget mum, you forget dad and you do as I say or you never see me again, do you understand me?”

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