The Basement

Steve is a prisoner in Gerry Carters basement.

The set up was simple. Steve's girl was supposed to play Carter like a fiddle. So what went wrong?


2. The Play


Tori had started spending Thursday evenings at Gerry’s home. His house was your typical family affair. Lush green lawn, white picket fence and a lantern lit porch. It was the perfect mausoleum to pay tribute to your death by suburbia.

Steve skulked through the garden, used bushes and tree trunks for cover, carefully avoided the spit, spit, spitting of the sprinkler system and moved around to the back of the house where he found the window to the basement. A quick jab of a coat covered elbow broke the glass and Steve flicked the latch, opened the window and slithered through the opening before landing unceremoniously on the damp basement floor with an unsubtle crash.

Rising to his feet, Steve dusted himself off and cursed his clumsiness. He’d make Gerry Carter pay double now. He navigated his way around the detritus of the basement and headed for the stairs. He tried not to make the steps creak but failed miserably.

This is turning into a disaster, he thought.

At the top of the stairs, Steve carefully gripped the handle of the door leading to the house and slowly twisted it. The door opened without a sound. Steve stepped through the door and out into a hallway. The downstairs of the house was in darkness. Light from upstairs cascaded down the staircase and formed a soft pool of light at the base of the stairs. Steve listened carefully. He thought he heard voices from up the stairs. For a second a deep seated rage welled up inside his gut and threatened to escape with a roar of anger from his throat. Instead, Steve took a deep breath and held it. He needed to stay in control, needed to stay calm when he gave Gerry one upside the head. He exhaled deliberately. He moved to the stairs and slowly began to ascend.

As he climbed the stairs he tried to convince himself that there was no way Tori would get into bed with Gerry Carter. He was a loathsome, pitiful and fat loser. She’d been reluctant to take things further for Steve to get what he wanted so surely, even for him, she wouldn’t bed Jelly Belly Gerry. Would she?

The light came from an open bedroom door. The voices had stopped but Steve knew what he’d find when he walked through that door. Steve suppressed a shudder of disgust. Tori had gone down in his estimation. He edged towards the door ready to sneak a peek through the jamb. He put his eye to the crack but could only see an empty bed. There was no one in there. Steve heard the creak of a floorboard the instant before something hit him hard on the back of the head. He fell forward, smashing his face against the door jamb and fell into a heap on the floor. He tried to fight the darkness clouding his vision but he became hypnotised by the bright needle points of light that glittered across the deepening gloom and before he realised what was happening, Steve fell unconscious.

When Steve awoke, he was handcuffed and tied with rope to a chair with a piece of tape over his mouth. He’d stayed that way for three days with only the one eyed teddy bear for company while he sat in his own pee at the bottom of Gerry Carter’s basement. He’d been mad at first of course. Who wouldn’t be? But then he grew ashamed that he’d been outwitted so easily by such a loser. By the third day the shame had given way to fear. He’d been convinced Tori would free him but now he thought he was going to die here.

The click of the door startled him and the creak of the steps as someone descended filled him with a strange overwhelming mixture of elation and fear. Adrenaline flooded his bloodstream and his heartbeat began to thud a heavy rhythm in his neck and in his ears. He looked over to the stairs with trepidation. Was Gerry coming to bash his brains out? A shapely figure oozed down the stairs. It was Tori.

Steve began screaming her name from behind the tape across his mouth and began to struggle against his bonds. She walked towards him, her face expressionless. Steve stopped struggling. Something was wrong. He could feel it. “I’m going to remove the tape. Not a sound you hear?” Steve nodded enthusiastically. With a flourish, Tori ripped the tape from Steve’s mouth. The pain wasn’t as bad as he expected. He was too eager to take a deep, deep breath of damp, earthy air. “Tori,” he croaked “where the fuck have you been?” “Around.” She said casually as she inspected her recently manicured fingernails. “Around?” “Around.” Steve tried to think his way through what was happening here. His brain felt dulled and sluggish. “Do you mind telling what the fuck is going on?” He started off strong but his sentence descended into a series of dry, hacking coughs. Tori began to circle around him slowly, an index finger to her lip in mock contemplation. “Do you love me, Steve?” she said. “Love you?” he gasped. What was this? Tori never mentioned love. Ever. “Gerry loves me.” She completed her circle and turned to face him. He looked at her with utter confusion. She responded with an arched eyebrow and a questioning look. Steve shook his head. “So, Gerry loves you. Whoopee fucking doo.” “He takes care of me. He buys me things. He takes me places…” “You can’t buy love, Tori” snapped Steve. “You can’t sell it either, Steve. But you seemed to think that you could.” She hissed the words at him like a scared cat trapped in a corner by a dog. But he suddenly felt like the one trapped. He stared at her in disbelief. It hadn’t been Gerry that had hit him. It had been Tori. He was sure of it. “I’ll leave you now to think about what you’ve lost.” She began to walk back towards the stairs and he knew she was making a point of swishing her ass from side to side to drive it home. Swish, swish, swish. “Tori…” “Feel free to shout as loud as you like. Gerry fixed the window. No one can hear you down here” With that she climbed the stairs to the bark of Steve’s infuriated shouting. He continued to shout until she was out of sight. He heard the door click quietly closed. He was alone again. He looked down at the box of toys to see the one eyed teddy stare blankly at him.

“Shit.” He said.

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