My College Days


1. My College Days

Those were the best days of my life,

When fun and frolic was rife.

A refreshing realm of knowledge,

That was my college.


Funny friends and loving lecturers,

Freaky fundas and flexible study hours.

Riddles and rumours, gossips and giggles-umpteen,

Added spice to the junk I hogged at the college canteen.


I majored in English Literature,

And the subject suited my sensitive nature.

I was initiated into the world of stories, poems and plays,

Each lecture set my imagination ablaze.


My college was a literary paradise,

Where I learnt to critically analyze,

Every text that came my way,

Be it poetry, prose or play.


Free from the fetters of school,

I willingly jumped into the knowledge pool.

Where education was mixed with entertainment,

At college learning was never a punishment.

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