The Ancient

Marcus is on the run from Them. No matter where he hides They seem able to find him so Marcus never stays in one place for too long. But with the violence that follows everytime Marcus has one of his blackouts maybe They should be on the run from Marcus?


4. Men in Black


The jolt of the coupe as one of the BMW’s bumped into it from behind brought Marcus back to the present with an involuntary yelp of shock. He dropped a gear and pumped the gas in a desperate attempt to get away from his pursuers. Marcus shot a glance at the rear view mirror and noticed that there was now only one BMW. What had happened to the other? He cursed himself for not paying more attention.


"You were in the orb?"


"And now you’re in my head? In my body?"


"And the black outs? When I have the black outs. You’re responsible for the hell that breaks loose too?"


"And Them? Who are they? What are they?"

They are like you. Vessels…

"I don’t understand."

They are another race with greater powerssss than I…

"Still not understanding, my friend!" Marcus was watching the BMW prepare for another shunt and was growing tired of his desperate situation.

They have hunted me for millennia, across the gulf of ssssspace. I am considered a criminal in their world…

"A criminal huh? Great. Just grea…"

There is no time, Marcusssss. Hiding here issssss slowly killing me. It drains my ssssstrength…

"Oh shit!" Marcus had paid such close attention to the BMW behind him that he’d failed to see the other BMW speeding towards him. He saw it too late and had no time to swerve. The BMW ploughed into Marcus’ Coupe their hoods meeting, buckling, twisting with a loud dry crunch. Marcus was sent flying through the windshield, his head smashing at full force through the glass, shattering his skull and lacerating his face into a bloody pulp. Marcus flew through the air and landed on the roof of the BMW. He heard the snapping of bones and then nothing, just the thud, thud, thud of his heartbeat in his ears. He could feel nothing and wondered dimly if his back was broken.

He opened his eyes and was only slightly worried that he could only see dimly through one of them. He mused with a uncannily calm detachment that the soft gooey lump on his cheek could well be an eyeball. Through his one good eye Marcus saw an upside down world swarming with Them.

Where had they all come from? wondered Marcus.

Marcussssssssssss… Marcussssssssssss… The voice was faint. A far away echo deep within his dying brain.

Marcussssssssss…. Marcus tried to smile as one of Them approached him with gun drawn. The man was dressed from head to toe in black combat gear. A balaclava covered his face but Marcus could see his eyes clearly. It looked to Marcus as though no one was home. He was sure that there was a hissing, snake like voice in the head of the man in black. Marcussssssssss…

The Man in Black put the gun to Marcus’ forehead.

Marcussssssssss… The Man in Black squeezed the trigger.

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