Stan: Prologue

A story about a mad man. Out to satisfy his needs, and replace what was taken from him.

All chapters are in a draft form, and have been written on my iPhone, so please excuse typos!

Would love for some feedback on it's alittle graphic...16+ please!! Not sure if I can age limit it, so just behave!!


2. Chapter One

Beth woke to the smell of bacon and the sound of a wood chipper coming from next door. Slowly stretching in bed, she opened her eyes, ready to greet the day. 

"Fuck" she managed through a yawn. Two weeks had passed since she had ended her two year relationship with the sponge which she used to call boyfriend. She had returned to her parents house in the middle of the suburbs, just to get away. Most her friends were friends with him, and she was just sick of the same old shit that they kept coming out with.
Swinging her legs over her bed she groped around on the night stand for her glasses. The room was a mellow pink, teddy bears in the window, and posters of movies on the wall. Pretty much the same as she had left it when she had moved out with the sponge. The only difference really was the plant in the window seemed to be alive, yet when she had left it had been on deaths door.
Standing and stretching once more, she rifled though the dresser for something to wear. Finding a pair of panties, jeans and a white vest top, she slipped them on and headed for the bathroom. Flicking on the light and staring in the mirror, she let out a little sigh, and brushed her teeth and hair. Scooping the later into a bunch and tying it into a pony tail. She thought about maybe dying her hair black, to reflect her mood, but considering her mother would throw a hissy fit, decided blonde would do. Atleast until she was back on her feet and had her own place again. After all, she was twenty years of age, and living with her parents seemed so boring. Returning to her room, she managed to dig out some slippers, and grabbed her phone before heading downstairs.

"Plenty of bacon if your hungry, honey" came the shout from the kitchen.

"I'm fine thanks mum" Beth replied and headed for the sitting room.

"You need to eat something!" Came the voice through the wall, "I'll leave you some on the side for later.

Beth didn't reply this time. She booted up her MacBook and unlocked her phone. Five text messages and two voicemails. She couldn't be bothered with the voicemail for now, but did look through the text's.

From: Jane
          Text me if you want to talk.

From: Alice
         Where the fuck are you?

From: Becky
         Can you drive me to the drugstore tomorrow?

From: Becky
         It's ok, Alice said she would drive me. Thanks anyway!! Xx

From: Jane
         Going out tonight. You are too. Be ready at Seven.

Beth sighed again. She really didn't want to go out. She just wanted to sulk at home, alone, except for maybe a couple of DVD's and some ice cream.
Beth heard the front door open and close. Knowing that this meant her mother had gone to work, she slipped into the kitchen to pour some coffee and maybe grab the bacon she had declined. 
Flicking on the TV, she settled down with her coffee and bacon and decided to text Jane back.

From: Beth
          Do we really have to go out?

The news channel was full of boring stuff. No one had any money. There was fighting in places Beth had never heard of and some politician had been caught screwing around...again...Why was news never fun? Beth's text tone went off.

From: Jane
        Hell yes! You are your parents? I'm coming over! Be there in half an hour.

'For fucks sake' Beth thought. But she knew there was no point trying to put her off. She knew Jane would come over regardless of what she said.

From: Beth
Was the reply she sent, slowly getting up and switching off the TV as a report about a missing woman came on the TV. Shuffling in her slippers, she headed off to the bathroom, striping naked and stepping into the shower. 
She turned the water up full and let it caress her naked body. Hoping the scratching water would take away a little of the pain left by the sponge.
Tying her hair up with the only towel she could find in the bathroom, she made her way back to her bedroom, glad she hadn't opened her curtains now. As much as she enjoyed walking around naked, she thought the rest of the neighbourhood wouldn't quite enjoy it in the same way. Searching through the dresser again, she found a pair of matching panties and bra. Some clean baggy jeans and a black fitted T-shirt.

'Black...' She thought, very apt for the mood I'm in today.

Heading back downstairs she walked into the living room to use her MacBook, but did a double take. The front door was ajar. She couldn't remember it being open when she went upstairs. Maybe her mother hadn't shut it properly?
Suddenly there was a crash from the kitchen.

"Hello?" she shouted.

Jane came around the corner.

"Sorry, I dropped a cup."

"Jesus fuck, Jane! You scared the shit out of me! How long have you been here??!!"

"Calm down! Only five minutes! I was going to make you a coffee why you were upstairs. I did shout up but I guess you didn't hear me over the shower."

The two woman sat down at the kitchen table and started to put the world to rights. Mainly talking about the sponge. Beth didn't mind too much. Atleast it gave her a little time to vent.

"We are going out tonight hun, and we are getting fucked up!" Jane said with a smile on her face.

"No," Beth replied, "We are going out tonight and you are getting fucked up, and I will probably have to carry you home!"

"True!" Jane giggled.

They made their way upstairs to get changed. Beth chose a smart light dress, and Jane a short mini skirt and a, very, tight T-Shirt. Checking the time, Beth didn't realise that they had been talking for so long downstairs. It was ten to seven, almost time to go. Giggling a little as they made their way down the stairs they made their way to the local nightclub. 
Starz wasn't really a nightclub, it was just a bar that stayed open late and had a huge dance floor. It wasn't the best bar either, but the drinks were cheap and you didn't need to pay to get in. That was good enough for Beth. The music was slightly too loud, and it was slightly too dark, but if the vodka is cheap, it doesn't matter. By nine o'clock Jane was drunk. She had been chatting to a guy almost twice her age and they had both disappeared to the bathroom together. Beth knew what that meant. Either she was currently straddling him in a cubicle, or she was sucking his cock. Beth didn't mind too much being left on her own for a while. Jane was a great friend, but when she had had too much to drink, she became a little too much. 
Beth scanned the bar and dance floor for someone that she might know. There was a tap on her shoulder and she turned around. It was a guy. About six feet tall, slim, short blonde hair. He was wearing a suit and tie and had a beer in his hand.

"I've seen you around." the guy said to her.

"Really?" replied Beth, "That the best chat up line you have?"

"Oh," the stranger replied, "no! I didn't mean it like that! I meant that I have seen you before! I live next door to your parents. Sorry I should have made myself clear."

"That's ok," Beth said, letting down her defences a little. "I'm Beth." holding out her hand to shake his. The stranger accepted the hand with a smile.

"Glad to meet you Beth. My name is Stanley. But my friends call me Stan."

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