Death and Afterlife

What happens after Death? Everybody wants to know, but no one wants to die to try and find out! So this remains a million dollar question. Here's what we like to imagine happens after Death, so enjoy this figment of our imagination ;)


6. The Decision

The room is silent, all eyes and ears on me. My brain rattles from the effort and I struggle to choose. Leaving would be leaving Harry, but I would be able to start all over again. If I stayed, nothing would ever happen, but I would stay with Harry. I judged both sides equally before placing forward my official decision. I would go and become the couple’s baby girl.

“I would like to be reborn.” I decide, still staring at the perfect picture. They look so happy, so caring, the mother is grinning like an idiot and the father has that perfectly kind twinkle in his eye and a protective, but caring hand placed over the bump. I know that they deserve something amazing and I just hope I can fulfill their desires. With a nod, God beckons the Angels and they take me away, through the pearly doors and into the clouds. After a few solid minutes of walking, we reach a lake. The lake is as black as coal and stands out sharply, in contrast to the pastel surroundings.

“Sit.” They direct, and I obey, my soul detaching itself from my body. I watch as I fall to the floor, lifeless and unrecognisable. My body is frail and limp; the thin skin clinging to my bones like glue, my once thick and silky mane hangs in thin strands around my shoulders, framing my chapped and ruined face. I guess this is what happens when you die; your body dies with you. I still appear as me, this is just my leftover shell, lying in the white, puffy clouds, looking just as welcome as a murderer at a children’s funfair. My soul looks how I looked when I died, whilst my shell carries on aging and rotting. Just like that, my body fades into the clouds, until there is nothing left of me, apart from my soul.

The lake starts to shimmer, the black liquid draining from it, replaced by wriggling streaks of colour. It is clear, but colourful and welcoming, the colours begging me to slide in. I stay put, who knows how this procedure will work, I may end up in the wrong body, or worse lost, alongside many other souls who did not make it, tangled up in the world with no time.

“Do I get in?” I ask, confusion edging at my voice.

“No.” They confirm. “Look, human.” I look back at the lake; a moving image is hovering in the centre. The picture is of a young couple and a baby at a park, they are wheeling it along in a push-chair and smiling as compliments are made.

What beautiful eyes.

She looks just like you.

Isn’t she beautiful?

The baby just sits there, fiddling with a rattle and sucking desperately at a tiny thumb. It gurgles and squeals, giggles and laughs; the push-chair rocking back and forth with the effort. This is what I am going to be like, a baby. Unable of rational thought and all my thoughts and memories would be lost. Apart from the occasional Déjà vu, I would be a completely different person.

I look up and the Angels nod. They instruct me as I carefully slide into the pool of glittering water. The heat hits me first. It runs up and down my legs and I can feel it burning my soul. It scathes and burns me as I yelp and splash about, splattering the Angels with multi-coloured droplets. I put up a hand and hope they take it, but they don’t. Instead, they use their force to push me into the water. I sink further into the sizzling, sparkling water and there is nothing I can do, no strength can push back the force that the Angels have, nothing is that strong.

I am forced under. My mind relaxes and I start to calm down, my tensed muscles un-knot themselves and I blow out a long string of coloured bubbles. My memories start to drain from my mind and I can feel myself forgetting.

My name, age, personality, likes, dislikes and hobbies are all gone; then my family, friends, lifestyle and interests. Bit by bit, I forget myself, until there is nothing left of me at all, other than a conscience and a mind. I slide deeper into the liquid; it is no longer hot and boiling, but cool and calm on my skin. Creeping open an eyelid, I peer out at an endless array of colours, leading to a tiny black dot in the distance. Pushing myself towards it, I flap my invisible feet and propel myself through the liquid, the dot increases, spinning and absorbing colours as it does. I lean in towards it, delighted by the scent that is flowing from it.

I can no longer remember anything. The name ‘Harry’ keeps coming back to me, but I have no idea who that may be. I don’t know why I am here, or what I am doing. All that I know, is that I want, no, need to get to that black dot, as soon as possible. It is absorbing me, and I am absorbing it. I have reached it and I climb inside. Everything is black. The dot closes up behind me and I feel myself sliding into a new body; a new shell.

A bright light clouds my vision and I find myself hearing the most comforting, beautiful voice ever to have been heard.

“She is so beautiful.” My eyes won’t open but I can feel that I am being held to a chest and cooed over. Two soothing voices discuss me quietly and I snuggle up against my Father’s chest.

“Rosemary Bella Smith.” The soothing voice repeats and I gurgle happily. That is the name, my name. I am passed over to my Mother, who clutches me like I am worth all the gold in the world. “Hello Rosemary.” I grin, a big toothless smile and they both laugh. Relaxing in their arms, I let my tiny body fall into a deep sleep.

This is my next life. My beginning.

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