Death and Afterlife

What happens after Death? Everybody wants to know, but no one wants to die to try and find out! So this remains a million dollar question. Here's what we like to imagine happens after Death, so enjoy this figment of our imagination ;)


5. The Choice

If life for me had once been boring, afterlife definitely makes up for all that. My heaven is the place where everyone I love lives. And now I'm one among them, just a spirit, existing in heaven as a noble soul like them all.

Some of my ancestors, whom I don't even recognise, are here with me too. They tell me everything about our family, their generation, how they died ... and I listen in awe. There are so many people I am related to. So many dead people I am related to. It seems that most of my family has deceased, all of them having died in fatal accidents like me. I don't know whether this thought should excite or worry me. If this whole thing is a curse that my family carries - surrendering to Death unnaturally - then it shouldn't be long before my parents were here in heaven too.

I feel happy. Now that I am in heaven, I always feel happy. I don't know whether this means all my other emotions are back too, but there is this inexplicable warm happiness inside me that I relish. But yet, the thought of my parents dying is painful to think about. Of course, Death had not been in the slightest bit painful for me. I remember being that floating consciousness ... it had caused me no pain, so my parents should be fine too. But still, my dying had been one thing. Them dying just feels odd.

But even so, I feel happy. If my weird hunch turns out to be right and this is in fact a family tradition of dying early, then I will see my parents soon. They will join us all, me and all my relatives, in my heaven. The thought of us living in heaven together, happy and cheerful like we used to be on Earth, brings a smile on my face.

But another thing worries me. Grandma Judy tells me that not all of our family has ended up in heaven. There had been certain wrongdoers too who had been sentenced to rot in hell. I hope my parents won't end up there. What if they would just miss out from coming to heaven by one white stone? No. The thought is horrifying. Harry tells me he has heard from the Angels that hell is a horrible place. The most serious wrongdoers ended up having to stay in a hot sphere of flames, their bodies eventually melting like hot wax, left alone to be tortured. I shudder. No, no. Our parents were good people, they would come to heaven. No doubt.

Harry laughs at this. "Oh, Talia, our parents won't die so soon just because we did," he says, smiling. "Don't wish them such bad luck. Do you want them to die like us?"

"But what's wrong in that?" I huff. "We're dead too and heaven is so great. It's better than my stupid life on earth was anyway. Mum and Dad would be happy here, with us."

Harry looks at me anxiously. "No, Talia," he says quietly. "Heaven is not all that great after all. I have been dead for quite a long while, and at first I, like you, was happy to be here. It's paradise, yes, but real life with all its difficulties is a different pleasure altogether."

"What are you on about?"

"Talia, I would have much preferred to be alive on earth living a normal life with risks and dangers. Heaven is the ultimate paradise but life is an adventure. Wouldn't you have rather enjoyed living an unpredictable, risky life than a forever-pleasing life in heaven?"

"Don't be stupid, Harry," I laugh at him. "Who wants to take all those risks anyway?"

“Everybody does," he says simply. "Life is precious because it's an adventure and because nobody knows what happens next."

"But heaven is an insured life of happiness, Harry!"

He shakes his head, smiling and walks away. I stare after him. His words start making sense to me somehow. Yes, heaven gives me all that I wish for - my loved ones, affection and care, attention that I never got at school ... for once, I was enjoying being myself. But yet, the idea of an adventurous life felt really tempting right now.

As though He has heard my thought, God immediately summons me to his courtroom.

I find Him pacing quietly, waiting for me. I wonder what He needs me for? He looks up and sees me. The smile returns to His face, and like the last time, I feel happy and assured, like everything was alright. He beckons me and I approach. He looks down at my face like a father looks at his child - with love and tenderness, and I feel safe again.

"Talia, I need you to make a choice," He says and I jump. What choice?

He waves his arm and right there before us appears a bubble in which I can see a pregnant woman, smiling at her protruding belly, and an equally happy-looking man beside her. I look at God who is smiling again. Why has he shown me this image?

"Talia, this couple lives in Australia and they are expecting a baby. They pray for their baby to be a sweet little girl, and I couldn't help but think of you." He smiles again. "Would you like to be born as their baby?"

I jump again. "What? I mean - but I'm dead!"

"Yes, you are, but you can be reborn," He says matter-of-factly, twirling his goatee. "I heard your thoughts earlier, when your brother was talking to you. You fancy having a life again, don't you?"

“I don't, Harry does! I mean, yes I do think living again would be fun ... but Harry wants it more,"

"But this couple wants a baby girl, Talia," He says worriedly. "I know Harry wants to be reborn too, and the next time anyone wishes for a baby boy, he will be the one. But this is choice you have to make, and it is an important one, so think this through - would you like to stay in heaven and enjoy afterlife or would you like to be reborn and live a life on earth again?"

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