Hotel Astoria

A man was going to the annual Williams party in 1914, at Hotel Astoria. In his hand was a small black valise.


2. Scarlett


One hour before the party, she had to make sure of one thing; to appear fine. Except in reality, her feelings were tearing her apart. John had left her. He was going to attend the party, with her. That harlet, who stole John away. Who cares? You were going to leave him. You don’t love him, she thought. And she didn’t love him. But to know, that he would deceive her like that? It hurt. Tonight was going to be about moving on. Show John she was more than that. He couldn’t hurt her anymore, and he needed to know that.  

She draped herself with a red shawl, which matched her dress perfectly.  She looked stunning, even if she told herself otherwise. She stepped into an automobile, to drive her to the party. When she entered the building, she was asked for her name. “Scarlett Cavanaugh” she said clearly. Her confidence wavered when the servant, took some time to find her name, so it was almost a relief when he did. “Enjoy the party.” “Oh, I will.” Scarlett said as she took a glass filled with wine. It was 6 o’clock. Time for Martha Williams annual welcome speech. So boring.  

Instead of listening, Scarlett walked over to the checkroom, to hand over her coat. In front of her was a handsome man, wearing a black suit. He was holding a black valise. “Name, please?” the coat checker asked. “Vaughn Davis.” He had a deep voice. When he was finished, he turned around and looked at Scarlett. He held out his hand, in a suggestive tone. She shook his hand. “Vaughn Davis.” He said simply. “Scarlett Cavanaugh.” She said with a smile. He looked around, as if his mind was somewhere else. As if he wasn’t interested in speaking with her. She found this very impolite. “I’m sorry to have wasted your time, exchanging names, but we’re holding up the line, and I have to be somewhere else.” Scarlett said sternly. “I’m sorry, I do want to talk with you, it’s just that I have some business to attend. Can you promise, to save me a dance?” She nodded, looking utterly uninterested. Which she was, but something about him seemed... different. 

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