Hotel Astoria

A man was going to the annual Williams party in 1914, at Hotel Astoria. In his hand was a small black valise.


3. John


He was wearing a grey suit, black leather shoes and an expensive watch. His brown hair was altered, so it stayed down. In his arm was a beautiful young lady - Sarah. Her curly dark hair matched the studded black dress she wore. White pearls formed patterns all over the fabric, sparkling in the light of the chandeliers.

"John, let's check our coats at the wardrobe," she said, already leading him toward the line. 

His eyes were glued to the sight in from of him. Scarlett's back was facing him, clearly not noticing them. She was talking to someone - a man. In his hand was a black valise. Was that him? What were the odds that Scarlett would bump into him? She shouldn't be involved with this. Sarah completely ignored the fact that his previous wife was standing before them, by speaking louder and laughing gently. Scarlett stiffened when she heard the people she least wanted to see, behind her. But still she turned around and flashed them a brilliant shine. 

 "Hello. Are you enjoying the party?" she asked trying to seem above it all. Sarah answered before John had a chance to. "Well, of course. This is excellent, wouldn't you say John?"

 "Yes, very excellent. So, Scarlett who was that man you were speaking with? he asked, wondering why they crossed paths.

"Vaughn Davis. And I expect to see him later on, as well. It was nice chatting with you, but I have to leave now. I hope to bump into you later." she answered and left with no further words. Nothing else needed to be said. Meanwhile Vaughn had been standing close by, and was intrigued by this small encounter. What relation did Scarlett Cavanaugh have with John? The man he was sent to meet here.

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