Hotel Astoria

A man was going to the annual Williams party in 1914, at Hotel Astoria. In his hand was a small black valise.


1. The Williams Party


He could see his own breath as he was walking swiftly through the night. In his gloved hands was a small black valise, clearly used for business. He looked determined, even though it was freezing. His eyes were distraught, looking all over the place; behind, up, down, to the side, and repeat. He looked down at his golden watch, only to see he was almost late. 5:55pm. He moved faster, and tried to keep pace with this new rhythm. He was panting, running faster and faster.    

When he finally saw the entrance to the Hotel Astoria, he let himself stop and rest for a few moments. He smoothed out his expensive black suit, fixed his hair, and  took a deep breath as he entered the building. His eyes met the white and gold walls, the crystal chandeliers and the huge crowd, gathered here for this event. Men and women were looking fabulous as they showed off their party clothes. They were chatting with each other, eating the orderves, having fun. His eyes searched the room, looking for the person. It was impossible. Not with this many people.

A servant walked toward him and asked for his name, since it was a closed party. “My name is Vaughn Davis.” The servant crossed off his name and walked away. When the clock struck 6 o’clock, the host hushed everyone to silence. She was standing on a pedestal, beside two sets of stairs.

“Welcome to the annual Williams party, held here at Hotel Astoria. This has been a tradition in my family for many years, and I wish to keep it alive. Thank you, my dear friends for helping me do that, this year 1914. I hope will all enjoy the evening. Thank you.” She stepped down, and everyone broke into applause. Vaughn took a glass filled with bubbly champagne, and drank it all at once. 

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