Silent screams

A young girl who never knew who she was and why she wasn't like everyone else. Here life only goes down hill, never up.


1. Silent screams

I arrived at my old, worn out front door. I took a big gulp and nervously knocked. I hear a bang from inside and a loud screech. "who's there!" I hear someone call from inside. "it's only me mother." the front door whips open. "in now!" I slowly walk inside, very cautious of tripping on anything. My mother observes me as usual. "you ugly cow, look at you, not even a flea would want to be anywhere near you." she seemed to be in a good mood for this wasn't even a fraction of a small insult. I nodded as usual, there was no time to  fight back (my usual excuse) although in my life, there wasn't really time for anything anymore. I walked up the creaky stairs and ran the palm of my hand along the old oak bannister. I then walked up the ladders leading to the attic, my room. I crawled over to my window which is always the first  thing I do when I return from school, and gazed out into what seemed a beautiful day. I looked down to see families skipping by, laughing with big smiles upon each and every one of their faces. How I wished and wished I could have a normal life like everyone else. That I wasn't so different. For wherever I went, people were nasty to me. Then the door whipped open once again. Father was home. He was by far the worst. I was beaten every night for mothers entertainment and fathers pleasure. "OI, YOU, DOWN 'ERE NOW!" I quickly jumped to my ladders and slid myself down, not watching my movement. I then ran to the stairs and sprinted down faster than my heart could beat, missing about five steps as I did so. I looked at him as if he was my master and not just my father. He instantly pushed me to the floor and kicked me around whilst I was helplessly trying to get back up. It was no use so I just lay there letting him beat me. Mother laughed so loud that she started crying. Usually by now she was on the floor in tears. He gave me a final kick in my ribs and stared at me blankly. More bruises were added to my collection and a scarlet waterfall to my nose. Things never got better, only worse. I then ran up to my room crying at full volume. Once I reached my room I felt a large, heavy object hit me at full speed  and I suddenly found myself lead on the floor struggling for breathe. Until my heart made its final beat. The last thing I ever saw was my mother and fathers face at the top of the ladders laughing and spitting at me. Then everything went dark and I found myself in a different world, a world which I had always wished for.
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