Man of Colour

Like all my thoughts that are written down this one exposes to the world just that little more.


1. Man of colour

Colour is the hue of my PERSONALITY, the key to perceive, that which is me.

I radiate my thoughts in words and by actions, which only I sanction.

My physical representation, the shade of my skin, veils me.

The covering of a book conceals its pages, while the content is revealed in passages.

Like ink on a page my thoughts drip on stage, revealing, read and reap its wage.

I am not the man in the mirror, but the reflection of his deeds.

Actions may impress or inspire me, found in a zone where racism has no home.

I don’t watch the colour of no face, but read beyond the surface.



 Colour is the texture of my PERSONALITY!

Watch not my skin but what flows from within, the hue of my sin.

Listen with your mind to the hue, reflecting the colour of my words, the intent.

For I am the author, the scriber, turning the pages of my mental script.

I have many shades to my ink, the manifestation of my emotional flame.

Some direct arrows of blame, piercing the colour of my spiritual skin.

They hear not my words or feel the vibration of my emissions of colour.

Blind they see my skin, those who see not the radiation of a man of hue.



 Hue is the fabric of my PERSONALITY!

I wear not a mask of hue, but a naked flame of spice, never rolled like dice.

I am a man of colour, mixed from three dimensions of being.

Spirituality is a flare that I wear, linked to the source.

Mentally I can perceive, as I calculate beyond here and there.

Physical is the energy that transports me, from places between spaces.

With many dyes of eyes, only one colour to a teardrop’s dive.

I am a hue-man-being, a simple man of COLOUR!


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