The missing children

This story is about a girl named Sophie brown who went missing in the year 2003 in England. This is not a true story and is very short. It is emotional and heart breaking. Please leave feedback thankyou:-)


1. The missing children

Little Sophie brown was only seven years old when she went missing in England, 2003.

It was a normal day in my house. My mummy and daddy were arguing and I was playing with my dolls. "now Sophie, sweetheart" my mummy said, looking at me with her deep blue eyes. " me and daddy have had a little chat." by 'chat' she probably meant 'argument'. "you may walk to school on your own today, because it's sunny!" I loved sunny weather, because I got to walk to school on my own like a big girl (although I never had) "thankyou mummy!" I said with a cheeky grin on my face. I placed my dolls gently on the floor and ran up to her and gave her the biggest hug ever! She kissed my forehead and handed me my dinner. "have a wonderful day darling!" I gazed into her sweet blue eyes and ran outside into the beautiful sun. That was the last time I ever saw her.

The beautiful sun I had once witnessed disappeared into a black hell. It was as if whatever I tried to do, something pulled me away. The screaming I tried to let out was trapped inside me. My mouth was closed and my eyes shut into an even darker world.

When I opened my eyes I wasn't at school, I was in a cage but around the cage was black walls no doors, windows or pretty pictures. Then the black walls disappeared. I looked up to see a box being lifted which I was in. I saw a man in black, just plain black (well I assumed it was a man) I couldn't quite make out a face. The person placed the box onto the side and looked down at me. I then saw a set of white teeth grinning at me. I tried to cry, but nothing came out. There was no room for me to move at all. The person unlocked the cage and patted their knee as if I was a dog and then burst out laughing. I couldn't move, I felt like stone. The person spoke for the first time. "wow, just a big wow." their voice got louder "GET OUT!" they spat in my face, "stupid child, DO YOU HAVE EARS? OUT NOW!" I quickly crawled out and slipped as I did so. I still had a tight hold of my dinner which my mummy had given to me this morning. "I'll be having that thank-you." they grabbed my dinner out of my hand spitting at me once again. They then took of their hat. I could now make out a face, it was a girl. "ha!" she looked at me and grinned "you werent expecting that were you?" I shook my head 'trying my best' to get on her good side. "stupid child." she mumbled under her breathe. I was confused, why was I here? Why was this girl I didn't even know being so nasty to me? I didn't 'think' I had done anything to ever hurt her? She walked around me. I looked down and a tear rolled down my left cheek. "we've never had a child like you here before, you're... different." that got me thinking once again, this 'girl' wasn't alone and how many children had actually been in this horrible place? I looked up into her dark, mean eyes, nothing like my mummy's beautiful deep blue eyes. "well, not like they matter anyway. They haven't been in a while..." with this she chuckled and then started to cry she was laughin so much. Well, you could say she 'chuckled' and 'laughed', but it was more of a broken hissing and crackling noise. She grabbed an object from the side were she had placed the box and came over to me with a serious look in her eyes. She the knelt down next to me, then about three other people also dressed in black came into the room. The last thing I ever saw was the object the girl held in her hand come flying towards me. Then everything went dark again like this morning. The my brains stopped working and do did I.

-Sophie's body was found a year later outside Margaret Jamie's house along with the bodies of several other children. The only thing that remained of sweet little Sophie brown was the kiss mark on her forehead which her mummy gave her that horrific morning.
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