Right next to You - One Direction

Nana is a 16 year old girl, better known as Niall Horan's girlfriend. Their relationship is totally fine, but what happens when reality starts to reach and prevent their dreamy-love-life? When a tragic event turns upside down on their daily routine? Will they stick together or face the fact that they have to let go? Read "Right next to You" to find out! Also, I wanna thank Ditte Hallenberg very much for helping me out, she's absolutely amazing.


5. There's no GOOD in GOODbyes

We had finally arrived to the airport. All of us: Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn, Danielle and of course myself. Ditte was going to come too, but she was too busy with her work. She was really sorry, and told me to call her when I felt like it. Danielle was still dating Liam, and I wanted her to be there. She was like Ditte was to me; my sister. While we waited for the plane to come, we said goodbye. Danielle pulled me aside.


“Look, you’re one of my bestfriends. I really love you, can’t wait for you to come back!” She hugged me again.


“Thank you. I’ll be back soon” I promised and released her from my arms.


“Nana” Liam whispered. I could hear the sadness in his voice.


I hugged him so tight, I almost couldn’t breathe. I wouldn’t let him go. 


“Remember to call us” he said, and let me go. 


He tried to smile, but I could see right through him, and I knew he was nervous about what would happen. Danielle held his hand, I was glad she could make a real smile on his face.


Now it was Louis’ turn. He gave me a big bear-hug and just like before, I was sad about the fact I had to let go. I almost fell to the floor when Harry attacked me from behind. 


“Oh Harry” I laughed and we both smiled at each other. 


“I’m gonna to miss you, Haz. Say hello to Ditte from me.” I said.


He promised me to, and told me that he would miss me too. I almost forgot about the real situation, but then I saw Zayn’s face expression. I shed a tear, but he wiped it away with his cold hand. 


“I love you” he said, and I hugged him like I’ve never hugged anyone before in my life. I felt his arms around me getting weaker and weaker, but I kept holding him tight. 


“Don’t let go” I begged him. “I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I’m so confused and kind of scared of it. Please don’t let go”.


He was just about to cry, I could tell by his body language.


“It’s gonna be okay. You and Niall are gonna be alright. Trust me.” he whispered.


“I trust you” I said, and then pulled away from him. 


I must admit, I actually trusted him. I didn’t know what would happen next, but it was going to be alright.


Maura had texted me how to print out the tickets, and now I stood with it in my hands. 


“I guess that’s it” I said out of the blue.


I was walking towards the gate, when Danielle stopped me.


“GROUP HUG!” she smiled, and we all hugged for the last time. Now it was time to go.


I grabbed my suitcase, turned around to see their faces for the last time, and waved. 


“I’ll be back in your arms soon, Niall” I thought to myself, “soon.”


I showed my ticket, and all I had to do now, was to wait for the plane to arrive.


I just sat there, in one of those hard blue chairs. I studied my ticket, I had nothing else to do. The words FIRST CLASS were the first things I read. They shouldn’t have spent so much on me. I actually hated to fly on first class. I was in my own world of thoughts, when I suddenly heard one call my name. I looked up, but I wasn’t really sure if it was who I thought. 


“Sarah?” I asked her, and she answered me with a hug. 


“Yes!” she shouted. 


Sarah and I danced together when we were kids. I stopped a few years ago, but she didn’t. Now she has become a successful professional dancer. 


Sarah and I, checked out tickets, and luckily we had seats right next to each other. At least she can cheer me up a bit, I hoped.


I took my phone, and texted Danielle, Ditte and the boys; "Off to Mullingar! xx".

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