Right next to You - One Direction

Nana is a 16 year old girl, better known as Niall Horan's girlfriend. Their relationship is totally fine, but what happens when reality starts to reach and prevent their dreamy-love-life? When a tragic event turns upside down on their daily routine? Will they stick together or face the fact that they have to let go? Read "Right next to You" to find out! Also, I wanna thank Ditte Hallenberg very much for helping me out, she's absolutely amazing.


7. The world is on fire

“Midland Regional Hospital, Mullingar”. That was the only thing that stood in the text message. I could only focus on one word. Hospital. I read the text again and again, and shook more and more each times I read "Hospital". I started to run. I shouted for a Taxi, but there was no Taxi in sight.


It took me about twenty long minutes to find a Taxi. I sat in the car, thinking about all the things that could possibly have happened to Niall, and I started to cry. It was really rainy weather and I looked at the water drops fall down, like the tears from my eyes. The Taxi driver turned up the radio. At first I didn't really pay attention, but then I heard Niall’s voice: "Don't wanna be without you, my judgment’s clouded, like tonights sky".


"Moments" I whispered to myself.


That was enough, I couldn't take it. Without asking for permission I turned off the radio. I really didn't need to hear Niall’s solo, or even a One Direction song right now.


Another thing I didn't pay enough attention to was how much I had to give the driver. I just gave him some money, and got some back. I stepped out of the car, and was greeted by a huge white building with a giant sign saying "Mullingar Hospital". I had never been here before, but it seemed familiar. It was probably because of the many windows. To imagine Niall's face in there, in one of those white hospital beds… It was strange; in some way, I just wanted to sprint in there, and find out what all this was about, but in another way, I was way too afraid of the answer. 


I caught my phone in my pocket and pressed Zayn’s number. My hands were shaking like never before, and I was still crying. He finally answered, and I felt relieved of the sound of his voice. "Nana! I'm so glad you called. I hope you had a good flight, any news? Is everything okay? What about Niall? I miss you already!" He continued talking; he had a lot to say.


I said nothing, but just enjoyed the sound of him. 


It only took him a moment to understand why I didn't answer, and then he panicked.


"Are you okay? Nana? Nana!" He could hear me, I cried to him through the phone.


I tried to stop 'cause I didn't want him to get worried, but I couldn't help it, the tears just kept running down my cheeks.


"I just needed to hear your voice" I managed to say, and then hung up.


I took a deep breath, and walked with heavy steps towards the door. When I entered the building, I looked around, and figured that I had to pull a number, to get to talk with one of the nurses. I pulled a number, and sat down to gather my thoughts.


I was still in my own world, when one of the nurses behind the desk called for number 73:


"73? Hallo, 73?" The nurse called. 


First then I realized number 73 was me. I got up a little too quickly, and became dizzy.


"73?!" I heard the nurse again.


"I'm coming!" I shouted.


She was really impatient.


"Yes, what can I help you with?" she asked.


"Um…" I didn't know what to say. The only thing I knew was that Maura wanted me to come here as soon as possible.


"Yes?" she asked annoyed.


"I'm Nana… I don't really -” She didn't let me finish my sentence.


"Nana Nilsson?” I nodded. 


“Go to room six on the fourth floor. Family Horan is waiting for you." I got shocked when I heard the words come out of her mouth.


I nodded at her, and ran over to the elevator. I pressed at the button about eight times, but it didn't come. I looked up and saw a sign with the word "Stairs" on it. I had a really bad coordination, but then I thought to myself:


“This is my only solution” And then ran up the stairs. I ran and ran, the only number I wanted to see was four. Finally I was there, now I just needed to find room six.


"Six, six, six, six, six" I whispered to myself.


I almost couldn't breathe anymore, but there was no way I was going to stop.


I finally saw a big red "6" at a door, and opened it without stopping the running. I saw Niall’s mum, dad, and the white hospital bed. A body with tubes and pipes, in and out of the nose, laid in the bed, stiff as a board. I screamed my heart out.

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