Right next to You - One Direction

Nana is a 16 year old girl, better known as Niall Horan's girlfriend. Their relationship is totally fine, but what happens when reality starts to reach and prevent their dreamy-love-life? When a tragic event turns upside down on their daily routine? Will they stick together or face the fact that they have to let go? Read "Right next to You" to find out! Also, I wanna thank Ditte Hallenberg very much for helping me out, she's absolutely amazing.


3. Phone calls

"Hey, it's me... Please call me back when you can! Love you!" I said, and removed my phone from my ear.


It was strange… Niall used to, at least, write a note, text me, or even wake me up, if he left before I woke up. He had always done that, it was just one of those Niall things. I decided to make some breakfast, and if I didn’t hear from him after that, I would call the lads.


The pancakes got turned on the pan, but when I was about to take a bite, I threw up. It was everywhere. When I tried to reach the paper to clean up, I felt this deep burning pain in my stomach, and I fell to the floor. At first I shouted on Niall, but then remembered he wasn't home. Luckily enough I left my phone on the kitchen table. If I could just get up on my knees, I could reach it. I laid on the floor for a moment, then finally got up on my knees and took the phone.


I called Louis first, he was probably with Harry.

"Hey babe, what's up? Have you seen Nialler, by the way? We're going to a photo-shoot later, and he doesn't answer his phone!" I heard his voice say.


"You need to come, right now. I have no freaking idea where Niall is, I feel really bad, I've vomited everywhere, and my stoma-“


I talked really fast, and I was about to cry.


"We'll be there in 5!" He said, and then he ended the call.


I threw up a bit more before they came. I was really embarrassed, I wouldn't have the boys to see me like this, but I couldn't really help it. I heard the keys making sounds from outside the door and expected to see Niall’s face, maybe he had just taken a walk, and forgot his phone somewhere. But when the door opened, I didn't see his blond hair, and beautiful blue eyes, but a worried face with curly hair.


"NANA?!" Harry shouted worried.  "I, I... I DON'T…" I tried to explain, but I didn't even know how, and what I would explain.


Louis and Harry helped me cleaning up. They carried me to the sofa, and I told them about the sudden pain, and Nialler.


"So… You have absolutely no idea where he is?" Harry asked. 


"No. He always leaves a note, but not this time. The weird thing is, that you don't know, where he is either! No one knows!".


"I'm texting Liam and Zayn" Louis said, mostly to himself I think. 


Zayn and Liam came over, and I re-told the whole night and morning again. 


"Look, he must be somewhere!" Zayn said smiling, and took his arm around my shoulder.


He was always so optimistic. It was nice to have a friend like that. He knew how I loved his optimism, so whenever I was sad, he was still optimistic, or at least tried his hardest to be.


We turned on the TV, still waiting for Niall to call back. Two hours had passed by, and we hadn't moved a bit.


I sat in the big white sofa with Zayn and Harry, still with Zayn’s arm around my shoulder. Louis and Liam sat in the two black chairs, one on each side of the sofa. No one said a thing. We just stared at the TV. 


Another two hours went by, and it was pretty much the same, as the first two hours. Liam finally broke the silence. He rose up from the chair, and said:


"It's a bit late for lunch, but who cares? Let’s make some! We need to do something anyway." He giggled.


"Is the fridge empty?" Louis asked. 


"You ask if the fridge is empty. Bitch please, this is Niall’s house!" I laughed, and walked into the kitchen.


We were all helping in the kitchen. It was all good, until I heard my phone ring from the living room...

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