Right next to You - One Direction

Nana is a 16 year old girl, better known as Niall Horan's girlfriend. Their relationship is totally fine, but what happens when reality starts to reach and prevent their dreamy-love-life? When a tragic event turns upside down on their daily routine? Will they stick together or face the fact that they have to let go? Read "Right next to You" to find out! Also, I wanna thank Ditte Hallenberg very much for helping me out, she's absolutely amazing.


18. Like a rolling thunder, you pull me out from under

Jonathan Clay - "Heart on Fire"


"This feels nice" I decided to let him know. 


"This feels good" he corrected me with a polite smile and stroked my hand short before he got up on his two legs - yeah, he got those - and stretched himself in the golden glow from the English morning sun, which surprisingly enough had started the day of with a few warm rays or so.


"I'll take a veeery quick shower if that's okay?” He took a peek over his shoulder while he of pure habit could not help but pose a bit. Up with the chin, his eyes were pinched a bit more together, not to mention how the boy flexed his muscles.


"Sure" I murmured, grabbed the nearest pillow and buried myself in it as Zayn was practicing at his high notes like he usually did every time he was in a good mood.


I could hear him even when he was running up the spiral staircase out in the hall. "Ooouh, YEEEEAAAAH, Mhmmm" he continued knowing that I strained myself in trouble trying to ignore it and get a bit more sleep.




"Oh, umm.. Yea, of course! Sure" he said and groped around with his iPhone and some cash between his fingers. His phone had eventually dissappeared in the sweatpants pocket again and I had his full attention now.    


"I'll get you a cab" he said quick and with the at the moment awkward body language he rubbed himself in the eye innocently with his index and middle finger.    


"Waow, could you possible make it sound even more like I'm a hooker or something" we both let out a giggle as my sarcastic comment spread across the large room. His laughter died out and Zayn's facial expression got a little more serious.    


"Naah, dont be stupid. You're not a hoe" he gently stretched my cheek. "- you're so much more than that" he added and smiled without showing his teeths.    


You know that smile you put on your face when you're riding your bicycle after a long day of school and you see an old lady? When you pass her and you can't help but stick on this fake but politely closed-mouthed smile. You're not really happy, but not decidedly sad, just tired you guess. You know that smile? Well, that was the one he gave me.    


The urge inside me of leaning just an inch forward and press my lips against his grew inside of me, but so did my inner voice.  


Without knowing what the exact right thing to do was, I did not remove my eyes from his and tipped my head slightly tilted. In silence I studied his outer beauty which definatly was an accurate reflection of his equally beautiful interior.  


He took a firm grip around the door handle and hugged me goodbye. I found it completely natrually to plant a red lipgloss kiss on his cheek. "Love you forever" I added with sincerity in the tone. "Love you" was his last words before he dissappeared behind the door and I into the taxi.

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