Right next to You - One Direction

Nana is a 16 year old girl, better known as Niall Horan's girlfriend. Their relationship is totally fine, but what happens when reality starts to reach and prevent their dreamy-love-life? When a tragic event turns upside down on their daily routine? Will they stick together or face the fact that they have to let go? Read "Right next to You" to find out! Also, I wanna thank Ditte Hallenberg very much for helping me out, she's absolutely amazing.


16. It's hard to fight these feelings

Lady Antebellum - "Just A Kiss"


I woke up with the warm morning sun shining in of my window and for the first time in about a week now, I had not cried myself to sleep. Maybe it was all because of Zayn? I did not know. A ghost of a smile crossed my lips as I thought of my old favourite movies "The Twilight Saga".  


Niall is my Edward Cullen. So perfect, so everything I need - yet so complicated. Zayn is my Jacob. So understanding, so helping me forgetting about my problems when we're together - yet so not the one. And I am Bella, so splitted, so hurted - and yeah, so lost in my own life.  


I shook the thought out of my head and found my clothes all over the floor and a part of my bed. I needed to clean sooner or later, but first I grabbed my phone and typed in, letter after letter, a message to Zayn with the thin, little machine in my hands.  


'It's like my broken heart is healing when you're here, Zaynster :)<3". I took a deep breath and pressed send. Was it too much? Was I pushing myself into something I should not? So many questions - I would not mind a few answers.  


I heard a quiet knock on the door and Ditte's long and wavy hair - which I definatly would die for - came to view. "Good morning, sweety" I tried to say kindly. She should not worry about me and my fucked up thoughts right now. She's the last person who I would want to judge me.  


"Heeey! I just wanted to say sorry for not being here for you as much as I could've been. I mean -" she took a deep breath and continued talking and apologizing. I did not really listen to what she was saying.   "Ditte, just.. Stop yourself, okay? My mind is emotionally damaged but can we please just.. Not talk about it? Please?" I interrupted.  


"I love you" she smiled even though I knew for a fact that she meant she had so much more to apologize for.   "I lov -". Bip bip it sounded from under a pile of my clothes in the other side of the bed. My adrenalin was exploding and I almost attacked my phone like a lion would haunt its dinner. A text from Zayn. Bin- to the fucking-go!  


"Nana, are yoooou.. Ok?" Ditte asked surprised. 'I haven't seen you like this for days' I could read all over her suspicious looking - but beautiful - face. I nodded overexcitedly and immediately faked a smile.   "Yeeeah" I said while I tried to let out a giggle. Luckily, Harry called from downstairs and soon Ditte paid attention to his hoarse and angel-sounding voice and not my acting. Which I failed, big time.  


"You're sure? Ok, then.. See you, babe..". Her eyes shone curiously but she finally closed the door, and quickly planted light footsteps down the stairs.   


I peaked at the little display between my hands, which I held like it was my precious baby. With my heart pounding in my breast and the blood in my veins, I slipped my index finger over the iPhone 4 screen and opened the text.   


'In that case, I think you should come over tonight. I don't like knowing your heart is hurting. We'll watch the movie you love, A Walk To Remember, and I'll buy pizza – your favourite. I know you need a friend right now, and I'll promise to be that friend.. Call me when you're on your way, aha :)<3'   


Yes, yes, fucking yes was my first thought. But then the second crossed my mind.  


'I know you need a friend right now, and I'll promise to be that friend' I read the sentence over and over. Why did I feel.. Almost disappointed every time I read it again? What if.. If.. What if I did not want him to be that friend. What if..  


A specific quote went through my mind even though I did not want it to. 'The only way to get over someone is to get under someone new'. To be honest that sounded quite realistic. Right? Or.. Maybe not. Not sure at all. I was not even sure if Niall knew that pizza was my favourite, and that I love ‘A Walk To Remember’. I was not sure about anything anymore. Except that I really looked forward to see Zayn. Oh, Zayn.

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