Georgia's life is like a normal one should be. She has homework, music and a diary. That is, until she meets Ryan and things happen.


7. Boys Are Argumentative, I Claim You - 18/01


Dear Diary,

I’ve made another new discovery, boys are argumentative as hell!

I mean, once they get started they won’t stop for anything.

The argument if pretty pointless if you ask me. They say they’re fighting over me.

I know, very cheesy, huh? My, oh my!

I don’t really like Lou much anyway; he’s annoying, weird and clingy - all the things I hate!

I like laidback boys, they are pretty refreshing.

Would I be classed as being biased if I was for Ryan winning the fight? Yes, I think I would.

Wait a minute. Did Ryan just CLAIM me?

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