The curse

A short excerpt from a character I have been developing.


1. A dream

'Ro...'Ro?" echoed the familiar voice - a velvety voice laced with honey that broke through the thick black haze, ripping the lycan from the world he fell into every time he closed his eyes...everytime he dared draw the curtains on his golden orbs. 

Fuck, he hated going to sleep...hated the images that danced on the back of his lead eyelids...hated the memories...the lies...hated it all.

Jerking himself up from the perspiration sodden sheets, he blinked, still in a daze as he looked around the room with the haunting shadows dancing across the walls and the sound of the crackling fireplace in the distance mixing with the sound of his beating heart.

"Sir!" was the voice that spoke as a small cool hand slipped across his sweated shoulder - a movement that forced his own hand to suddenly grasp at the invading object. 

"'re hurting me!" was the shaky reply he heard as his eyes began to focus on the source - the mix of her sweet scent rushing into his lungs...the sound of her nervous voice...the feel of her cool flesh under his finally adding to the outline of her shape - his pet.

Releasing his grip on her seemingly frail arm - a deceptively strong arm, he forced his head into his hands, his fingers curling tightly around his face as his fingers splayed with random tufts of hair. 

"Fuck..." he muttered as his voice trailed off revealing no more.

"More dreams?" she asked as she slipped effortlessly behind him, her legs soft slender legs curling around his waist - one after the other. He sighed softly as she slipped a hand then an arm under each of his and wrapped herself around him, pressing her cheek to his moist back. "I'm sorry sir!"

"They're becoming more frequent!" he murmurred as he released his face from his hands and reached for one of her hands - pulling it up to his mouth and kissing each of her fingers.

"The sister...the delusions of angelism...the turning...all of it. Fuck! Why can't they just leave me be?" he asked as his voice began to tremble.

A flash of blinding white light. A swimming pool. Parents screaming. His sister. Floating. Blue. DEAD!

 "Sorry sis..."

Another intense flash of white light - a light tinted with pink edges. The flutter of wings. A fall. Cracking bones. Darkness. "'ve abandoned me. Why?"

The lycan dropped his eyes to the bed before his hands pressed to his face and his digits began to crawl all over his skin, pressing at the flesh it found there.
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