Why you? {1D FANFIC + ENGLISH}


3. PART 3


Eleanor laughed a bit, "Harriet?" she said and looked at you. You blushed a bit, "yeah.. My mum hates when i hang out with boys, so i just wrote Harriet" you said, and Louis started to laugh very high. "Even your friend calls you Harriet" he said and laughed. You blushed, "sorry!" you said, and smiled a bit. Harry laughed, "thats okay" he said and smiled. Louis laughed, "oh well, i have something to tell you Haz" Louis got very serious, and pulled Harry into the kitchen. You looked over to Eleanor, and she looked at you, "I don't know what they're going to talk about.." Eleanor said and smiled a bit. The door to the kitchen were closed, and there were no sound from the room. "its kinda wierd.. Do you think its something serious?" you asked her and smiled a bit. Eleanor looked at you, "maybe.." she said, and looked at you. Harry and Louis walked out of the kitchen after 5 minutes. You, Eleanor and the boys talked for a few hours more. "{YOUR NAME}, i think we should go now" Harry said, and stood up from the couch. You looked over to Harry, "Okay" you said and rose up from the couch too. "Well, bye then!" Eleanor said and smiled to you, "it was nice to meet you" she said and smiled. Harry smiled, "lets go!" he said, and started to walk over to the entrance. You followed him and took your jacket down from the coat rack. Harry took his jacket down and then opened the door. "Bye!" he said and pulled you with him out of the house. He unlocked the car and opened the door for you. You sat in, and Harry opened the door on the other site and sat in. You looked at Harry, "what did you and Louis talk about?" you asked him and smiled. Harry looked at you, and then again on the road. He sighed low, "Louis told me that i don't want to.." Harry sighed again, "that he don't want to be Eleanor's boyfriend more" he said serious and looked at you. You smiled a bit, "remember to look at the road" you said and started to look out at the window. Harry smiled a bit, "oh, yeah. Ofcourse" he said. "Could you drive me directly home?" you asked him. Harry nodded, "where do you live?" he asked and smiled a bit. You told him your adress, and you and Harry drove in silence over to your apartment. Harry and you stopped in front of your front yard. "Thanks for driving me home" you said to him and looked at him. "You're welcome" he said and smiled, "{YOUR NAME}, can i get your number?" he asked. You smiled a bit, "ofcourse Harry!" you said and then gave him your number. You you felt a bright light from the road, and looked at it. "Harry, what is that?" you asked him, but it was too late. The bright lights were from a car, and the car drove into Harry's car. The last thing you remember, was a bright light and then it all turned black. You woke up in a all-white room. "{YOUR NAME}?" you could hear your mum say, "are you awake?" she asked. You opened your eyes, and looked at her. "My baby girl have opened her eyes!" your Mum said happy and kissed your forehead. You looked around, "where am i?" you asked. Your mum looked at you, "you're on the hospital.. A car hit you and the curly-haireed boy while you were sitting in his car" she said and looked at you. "He got hit very hard, he is laying in coma right now.." she added. You sat up in the bed, "Harry?" you whispered. You didn't want this to be real life, you almost already loved Harry. You felt the first tears running down at your cheek, "can i see him?" you asked your mum and tried to smile through the tears. Your mum looked at you, and then over to the door, there were opening. "Let us ask her" she said, and then a nurse walked in. "Can i see Harry Styles? he.." you started, but the nurse interrupted you. She put you down to bed, "you can visit him in a few minutes. I know what happened to you two" she said calm to you, "was you guys going to a party?" she asked then, and smiled to you. You looked at her, "no.. he drove me home" you said and sat up in the bed again and looked at the nurse. The nurse looked at you, "you can go over to Harry. Take the elevator to the next floor, he is in room 34" she said, "but please be quiet if you walk in" she added and then smiled to you. You got up from the bed, and almost ran over to the elevator. You got over to room 34, and looked into the window. In the room you saw 4boys sitting down around Harry. You opened the door, "Harry?" you whispered. The 4boys looked at you and then smiled a bit to you. Louis got up from the chair, "We heard what happened {YOUR NAME}, we're sorry" he said and hugged you. You smiled a bit, "have he moved?" you asked them and looked over to the other boys. It was the rest of One Direction.

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