About the life of every individual that wants to study in good business school.


1. Admission Criteria :-o


It's not easy surfing the net,meeting people over the net and many other things that we need to do just for getting information about POST GRADUATE ADMISSIONS.Is it just a mess or I find it so? Initially, nobody is clear with the techniques to enter a top business school and the feeling of "I CAN'T GET INTO IT" persists.This stage is not only frustrating but also maddening,but the idea of studying WITH the best and IN the best keeps us motivated. In the start the feel of having a lot of time in hand makes us do nothing but then the moment we realize what is expected of us by the top recruiters makes the aura of interview change into the tears of interrogation.But ofcourse,the big university names have all rights to do that. What the point here is that do we really know what they require? They say that a person should have an overall record but its totally subjective matter.Isn't it confusing? Lets get together to discuss what we all do or have done to confirm our seats in top SCHOOLS.

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