My Ambition

This is my ambition that I had to do for English. It is a bit weird and could do with improving so please comment to help me improve! :D


1. My Ambition


My Ambition

I grew up in the small village of Handcross with my mum, dad and sister. Every day I would go to school down in the neighbouring village of Staplefield. My school was a small and cosy place with only ninety-one pupils. Each day after I had finished school I would go down into the field next-door and have five glorious minutes of fun before wandering back to my friend’s house.

 My Mum would pick me up and would drive me back home past the array of shops on our street.  We had some boring shops near us, a butcher, a florists and a hardware store, but we also had one or two interesting ones. One of them was a bed shop with a giant telescope in the window as decoration. I had always been desperate to buy that telescope until my mum told me that it was just a fake one and that it was purely for decoration. On walks back from clubs at the village hall on dark, cold nights I slowly learnt the name of a few constellations: Orion’s belt, The Plough and The North Star...

Since then I have always been fascinated by those glowing lights up in the sky at night that are these twinkling stars.

Now that I am older, I am starting to find out more about them, where they came from and what all the other constellations are called.

That is why I would like to be an astronomer.  One day I will know the names of all those stars and one day I will be an astronomer.  I will one day. I will.

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