Jerry's story

prostituting his body although not quit porn the innuendos were very near the mark,


6. Jerry’s old home

Chapter 6. Jerry’s old home

   That evening after work Jerry was pleased to say his goodbyes to Chandra at the staff entrance. Thankfully he had an excuse not to travel back with him to the house in Belsize Park, as he was going home to see his mother, which meant getting a bus home instead of the train. He didn’t wish to discuss why he’d been so upset earlier after Philip had spoken to him. Jerry still felt embarrassed, just the thought of what the customers must have seen made him blush.

   Oh my God, he now realised why the two teenaged girls kept on walking by every time he was squatting down fitting shoes and giggling as they passed. He had even looked up and smiled at them.

   Most of the journey home Jerry was preoccupied, he couldn’t help but think about his exposing himself like that. There had been that quiet boy, who now on reflection must have been gay and, of course, those two ladies who gave him that funny look.

   Suddenly he was rudely brought back to the here and now for there was something wrong. The bus had picked up speed, in fact, it was moving bloody fast. A woman started screaming as the bus veered to the right and mounted the pavement, just missing a woman with a pram, then proceeded to plough through a privet hedge, only coming to rest with an almighty crunch as it smashed into the front room of a house. Luckily Jerry had held on tight to the seat in front so bracing himself, others were less fortunate, they had been thrown all over the place.

   The police arrived together with the fire brigade. Apparently, the driver had had a heart attack and died on impact.

   An ambulance took Jerry and the other bus passengers to the nearest hospital for a check-up. Thankfully Jerry only received minor bruising, mainly to his left arm and shoulder. Others were less fortunate, and had sustained broken bones and so were hospitalised.


   The doorbell startled Ann maybe that was Jerry at long last. She had been getting steadily more worried as time had gone by. It had given her time to think about how she missed him. The place seemed so quiet and it had only been just over three weeks since he had moved out. Alright, he was no angel and sometimes he infuriated her, but he was always good for a laugh. He would practice his different voices, various walks and those dance routines were really something. At least she had to be thankful he was living nearby. He had wanted to pack up and go to America like his father, Clive had done when he was young. She had convinced him to try living away from home first. How could she tell him the stories her husband told, was not always the whole truth. The boy idolised him.

   On answering the front door, Ann discovered it was indeed Jerry. She could tell something was wrong by the look on his face. He told her he had been in an accident and he was all right just bruised. Once inside sitting comfortably, Jerry had told her about the bus accident. Then how scared he had been and what the doctor had said in hospital. Thankfully he hadn’t hit his head or blacked out, so no concussion, also no whiplash, as he had full moment of his neck. He had just general bruising that would hurt for a few days before getting better.

   Ann offered him the dinner that was still in the oven being kept warm on a low setting.  All Jerry had wanted was to rest, so when he fell asleep she left him to it.

Much later, when he awoke, Jerry felt hungry and went into the kitchen looking for food. He found his mother sitting at the table drinking tea.

   “Hi,” he said, “Sorry about the dinner.”

   “Don't be daft it wasn't your fault. You look better now.”

   “Yes you’re right and I do feel much better; I'm hungry. What's there to eat?”

   "I could heat up the dinner.”

   “No I just want a snack please.”

   “Alright, would you like an omelette?”

   “Yes that would be great. Can I have a cheese and mushroom one please?”

   Ann got up took a pan from a cupboard and placed it on the stove.“How's work?” she enquired, taking a bowl out and placing it on the table.

   "We're really busy. Its sale time and there were queues of people waiting on the pavement before we opened today. At the beginning security let the front ones in, a few at a time, maybe 15 minutes early. They were the people who had queued over night to get the real bargains. Then they opened the doors and people came in on mass. It was manic.”

   “That’s incredible; it must have been something to see. How was college this week?” She collected a box of eggs, some cheese and a couple of mushrooms from the fridge.

   “We’re rehearsing for the show, I'm getting tickets for you and dad. I hope he can come. I have this great scene with Carol and Peter. I have this limp, its real cool. Would you like to see it?”

   “Not now, maybe later,” she said.

   Her mind was still on the two tickets. His father was at present on location in the South China Seas, filming some epic or other. I wonder she thought if he will come back just for the show.  They had become such great friends last year. He had taken Jerry away with him on location for the first time ever. He might break the habit of a lifetime and actually attend one of Jerry’s things.

   She cracked an egg with one hand into the bowl.

   “How big an omelette would you like?”

   “Gigantic,” he felt hungry now.

   “How are you coping with living away from home?” she cracked two more eggs into the bowl.

   “I've had a few problems, but it’s ok now.”

   “What type of problems?” Ann took the cheese and grated some onto a plate and then sliced the mushrooms.

   “Well I almost got gassed the first night. Apparently the person, who had the place before me, had left the controls of the gas fires on. Then when I put money in the meter, you can guess what happened next. ”

   “Oh my god,” she thought and added a little milk, then salt and pepper to the eggs in the bowl. She then beat them extra hard trying to relieve her tension.

   “Anything else?” she asked switching on the ring and heating some oil in the pan then added the mushrooms which start sizzling and cooked.

   “Yes," he laughed, "Have you seen my shirt? “

   “Nice colour, yellow suits you,” she stated while pouring the contents of the bowl into the pan.

   “Well I sort of mixed the colours up in the wash and my whites have turned yellow.”

   “You should sort out the dark and light colours and wash them separately.” One side of the omelette had cooked so Ann expertly tossed it in the air and, as it flipped over, she caught it in the pan.

   “Ok, but what about hot and cold? “this reminded him of the underwear he was wearing and how tight they were having shrunk in the wash.

   “There’s a tag on every garment that tells you the temperature you need.” Ann added the grated cheese to the omelette and folded it in half, then giving it a few more seconds to cook, plated it up, and serviced it to Jerry, who had already got himself a knife and fork.

   “Any other problems?” she asked.

   “Only one, I need cooking lessons.” With that he started to eat.


Hunger satisfied, Jerry decided he needed a shower and change of clothes. So he went upstairs.

   When he entered his bedroom, it felt so strange, for although he had only been gone three weeks it was like stepping back in time. He noted his single bed was as he had left it pushed back against the wall, giving him space to practice his dance routines. He couldn’t get over how small the room appeared in comparison to the large high ceilings ones he now had in the house.

   Next to the bed was his old tallboy storage unit for his clothes. The rest of that wall area was filled with a bookcase type desk, on its top shelf were his scrapbooks. They contained his collected of anything to do with his father. There were newspaper cuttings of him doing stunts all over the world. The one he especially liked was on a motor bike jumping cars. That was somewhere in America. He even had one of him riding the wall of death. His father ran a successful stunt man business and so was always away on location. Not only did he supply the whole package for all sorts of action stunts, he would appear as an actor in the films doing his own stunts. Many a time when Jerry was younger did his mother take him to the cinema to see his father in some film he was appearing in. On his other wall was his collection of posters. There was one of ‘Bondi Beach’ in Australia. It was only last year his father out of the blue had taken him on location. There he was given the opportunity to work as a walk on extra, and then to top it off, because he looked so much like his father, the director of the film after seeing the day’s rushes had suggested Jerry play the younger version of the character his father played in the film. Jerry found it strange having to be made up to look like himself it front of the camera He was only needed in the two flash back scenes in one of which he spoke a few words. During the six weeks of the shoot he helped his father to set up several action stunts. When not needed Jerry discovered the attraction of the beach where he met a crowd of youngsters his own age. During the day they taught him how to surf the big waves, and at night they drank beer and talked of the big wave of the day.

   By the time to leave, Jerry didn’t want to go home. He was hooked on the life.

   Next to the poster were two framed photographs showing shots from the actual film. One with Jerry in old fashioned long white trousers playing tennis and the other one was of his father also playing tennis but in modern day shorts.

   Then there was the poster of the Japanese Olympics. As a surprise, his father, instead of taking him straight back home from Australia, had suggested that they stop over in Japan as Jerry’s eighteenth birthday treat.


Jerry had found Japan both strange and exciting at the same time. He soon discovered that the people certainly knew their place in society. Maybe it was more noticeable to him having come from Australia where the do as you like attitude prevailed. Another thing that surprised Jerry was his father spoke Japanese and at the hotel in Tokyo he was known. Also he had reserved a suite. He had to laugh when the bellboy who was called to take the luggage to their suite of rooms insisted that he take the paper bag Jerry was carrying and later would not accept a tip when he offered. 

   Jerry’s father had then explained to him that everything in Japan was formal and controlled by strict rules.

   The suite consisted of two bedrooms and a large carpeted area of floor space furnished with cushions.

   Later that evening his father had arranged for that stretch of carpet to become their private dining area, where not only food was served up but two young Japanese ladies of the night came and joined them. The one named Jasmine Jerry found both very attractive and attentive and all during the meal she plied him with several cups full of what she called sake. She explained it was a sort of rice wine and would relax him. By the end of the meal Jerry was very relaxed and happy, in fact, he couldn’t stop laughing. After the food been cleared away, Jasmine helped Jerry to his bedroom and that’s when he had discovered why separate bedrooms were needed.

   Jasmine had stayed with Jerry, showing him the tourist sights during the day and at night taught him the art of pillowing.


Jasmine’s picture was kept on the desk in his father’s den; it was a constant reminder of father and son bonding. Jerry striped and walked naked into the bathroom, where he proceeded to take a shower and wash his hair. It was a luxury not to have to share with others as in the house where there was only one bathroom on each floor there was always a queue waiting.

   He quickly dried his body using a warm towel from the heated rail. He then walked back into the bedroom and put on a fresh pair of underpants, noticing that he had plenty to replace the ones shrunk in the wash.

   Jerry then inspected his body in the full length mirror, the bruising on his left arm and shoulder that he had sustained in the crash, were now turning a dark colour and was still painful. Looking at the rest of his body the diet had worked. The weight loss had removed any surplus fat he might have had. So the costumes for the show would now fit, without having them altered.

   Just then the phone rang and his mother shouted up it was for him. Someone called Charley.

   Hi Charley what’s up,” Jerry asked. 

   “Hi man I thought you should know; your Friday’s stunt is news.”

   “How come?” Jerry asked somewhat puzzled.

   “Why didn't you expect that crazy stunt of yours, would go public?”

   “Oh hell,” exclaimed Jerry, he had been acting like an Irish navvy there too.

   “Yes, you certainly got those dancing homos all in a twitter.”

   “Oh no,” that's all he needed.

   “What did you expect with you wearing those budgie style yellow underpants?”

   “It was only research,” he said and thought, “Shit that wash again.” and almost screamed.

   “That's what I thought. Well I told them you’re straight as they come, with a girlfriend and all that. The problem is once those sons of bitches had seen cleavage, they would have none of it. So watch your back, man.”

   “Cool. Thanks,” for the warning I'll make certain to stay clear of men in tights.”

   They discussed the rehearsals and other matters of interest, and then ended the conversation. Jerry had been looking at his reflection in the mirror all during the phone call. He had survived two near fatal accidents and felt alive and well. He decided not to stay the night after all he really didn’t fancy sleeping in his old bed.

   So after he got dressed, he collected three white shirts, the underpants and an extra-long bodied undershirt. He put them all in a sports bag and took it with him downstairs to break the news to his mother that he was not staying.

   Ann was disappointed but understood that having slept earlier, he was no longer tired. They chatted some more before he left and he promised to keep in touch. When she kissed him goodbye he seemed so full of life. She wanted to cry when she watched him walk down the street carrying the bag together with a large portion of the cooked dinner. He could reheat it when he got home. He turned around at the corner and waved and then disappeared from sight. She closed and locked the door and went up to bed.

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