Jerry's story

prostituting his body although not quit porn the innuendos were very near the mark,


9. Jerry and Eddy

Chapter 9 Jerry and Eddy

   When Jerry arrived back at the house from Diana’s aborted tea party, he discovered Eddy sprawled out on its steps. To any casual observer Eddy looked just like a homeless person lying there sound, asleep on his tatty old sleeping bag. His head was supported by an overstuffed duffle bag the zip of which was broken allowing the clothes inside to stick out. To complete the illusion Eddy was clutching the handles of the proverbial shopping bag.

   Jerry nudged the sleeping boy with the toe of his shoe. When he didn’t stir, he nudged him again this time harder, which certainly made him wake up with a start. He shouted, “Hey, watch it man.” Then, realising who it was kicking, him he scrambled to his feet, and said “Hi, Jerry.”

   “Hi Eddy, so I take it you being here means you couldn’t find a place to stay then?

   “Yeah your right, so can I stay then?” Eddy asked.

   Before Jerry could answer, Shirley arrived. She had received complaints from several of her tenants about having a down and out lying on the steps as they came in. Normally she would have called the police but she had been waiting for Jerry to arrive home as she had seen him and the boy leaving the house together this morning.

   Now she demanded to know what was going on. Jerry told her that his friend was staying for a few days only. As he was sure, she wouldn’t want him to have a key, his friend was forced to wait for him to arrive back to be let in.

   Even though Shirley didn’t like it, there was nothing in the rental agreement to say one couldn’t have a friend stay, only that one couldn’t sublet. Therefore, she could only tell Jerry’s friend not to sleep on the stairs while waiting in future.

   Jerry helped Eddy to take his stuff upstairs to his rooms and, as it appeared after the conversation with Shirley, that he was committed to having Eddy to stay for a while. He let him stow his bag and sleeping bag in the bedroom where he would sleep on the floor near the window.

   Soon afterwards Ian from across the landing knocked to tell Jerry there was a phone call for him on the pay phone. It was Diana. She offered no apologies for leaving him alone earlier, just some lame excuse of finding her parents playing bridge and having to make up a fourth. Their conversation couldn’t have lasted more than ten minutes before Diana had to rush off. Still things were okay again between them, and so it had been left that they would get together the following Saturday as usual

   That evening Eddy surprised Jerry by producing food out of the carrier bag and cooked supper as a sort of thank you.


   Jerry’s first class of the day was dance. He was to rehearse for the forthcoming show in full costume. Unfortunately, he found that the high waist Spanish trousers were a very snug fit; he still needed to lose a pound or two more. They showed every curvature of his lower body. The short matador style jacket did not improve matters, in fact it helped accentuate them.

   Looking in the set of all round mirrors he was reminded of the young lady's tit's and arse song in “Chorus Line”. Until the last few days he would not have considered it. “Oh well” he thought, nothing for it, but the show must go on.

   As usual, he concentrated on the steps and only when asked to repeat some routine did he become aware of the other people who had wandered in to watch and some of them were the men in tights. The ones Charley his friend had warned him about.

   Just the thought of them standing there watching his every movement, was pure hell especially as he felt the snug trousers getting tighter around the crutch area by the minute. Not wishing to embarrass himself he made some excuse about feeling thirsty, and left the stage apparently for a drink.  

   After a short, while when he had calmed down a bit Jerry returned to the stage and found that the men in tights were no longer there. As soon as the rehearsal was over, he quickly changed and without having a shower, he said his goodbyes. Then escaped through the back entrance of the building and thankfully headed back to the safety of the house.

   When Jerry arrived home there was no Eddy waiting for him on the steps. Alone in his rooms Jerry, striped and only wearing a towel visited the bathroom for a shower.

   Now clean and wearing a fresh pair of underpants he returned to his rooms and was making tea when there was a knock on the door it was Eddy Ian had let him into the house.

   “Hi what happened to you I thought we were coming home together. ”Eddy said.

   “Sorry I had to get out of there.”

   “Hey what’s wrong I understood from my friends you were great at rehearsals?”

   “Yeah well that’s the point I could feel their eyes watching me.”

   Eddy laughed then declared. “Don’t worry I told them you’re straight and if you weren’t they would have to fight me to get to you as I saw you first.”

   God Jerry thought I needn’t have worried. It appeared that having Eddy stay and him being queer had done some good. Especially as he had spread the word, that Jerry was not flirting and it was just his natural way of doing things. However, the blabbermouth had told about his exploits with Diana in the park.

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