Jerry's story

prostituting his body although not quit porn the innuendos were very near the mark,


5. Jerry a week later

Chapter 5. Jerry  a  week later


"Oh, hell," Jerry thought as the tube train arrived. Its carriages were full to bursting point with people, crammed in like sardines in a tin, all going uptown for the sales.

   Now he wished he had gone in to work with Chandra. Unfortunately when he had knocked this morning on his way out, Jerry was still asleep. It was now his third week away from home and he still missed his mum’s usual wake up call. Thankfully the house had a bathroom and toilet on every floor so, even thought the one on his floor was occupied, he was able to nip upstairs and use one on floor above. 

   To say he was late was an underestimate. He had no option now but to get on this train. So, he pushed, shoved, and eventually forced his body into the carriage, getting in just before the doors closed behind him. At first, he could hardly breathe, let alone move. He was wedged in between people and the glass doors. Slowly, with the movement of the train, he gained more room and burrowed his way further in. At one stage, he did not know where to put his hands. He ended up with his right hand holding on to the central poll and with this girl’s breast resting on his bare arm. She was good-looking and very appealing. Their eyes met and they exchanged a smile. If Jerry was not careful he would get aroused and then what. Before that could happened he arrived at the stop he had to change trains to get to the shop in Marble Arch, where he worked the weekends as a sales person. Luckily everyone in the carriage wanted to get off at this station. So he was sort of carried with the surge of people out onto the platform and then up the stairs. He felt someone’s hand during that upward movement touch his backside. Thankfully, when he checked, no one had picked his pocket, his wallet was still attached to its security chain.

   When he arrived at the shop, there was a queue of people waiting outside, it stretched almost around the block. He noticed those in front had sleeping bags, which meant they had been there for hours.

   Jerry had to laugh. It might be the summer sales, but honestly to spend that amount of time to be first in line just to get the bargains was pathetic in his opinion. If only they knew what they were really getting, they would not be too happy.

   Jerry clocked in at the staff entrance and to his surprise he found he still had one minute to go before being late. Now that was most odd, his watch was apparently wrong by a good ten minutes according to the time clock on the machine. After putting his card back in its slot, he looked at the rota on the notice board for today and was pleased to see he was to report to Chandra in the shoe section.

   “Wow, Jerry, where did you buy that bright yellow shirt?” Chandra cried out, at the same time putting on a pair of sunglass from a display stand near the till.

   “Well I mixed the colours up when doing the laundry yesterday,” Jerry replied

   “Nice one,” laughed Chandra.

   Jerry pointed to his shirt “You think this is funny, you should see my underpants.”

Before they could continue their banter, the shop opened and the rush started.

   All morning Jerry was busy. He found selling shoes easy, except every now and then he would encounter a difficult customer. There was this mother with a spoilt brat of a child who was causing him trouble. The little boy deserved a good clip around the ear. The boy kept complaining that the new shoes hurt. Even though Jerry had explained to him that the stiffness would soon go after the shoes had been worn for a little while, but oh no that wasn’t good enough. Only when Chandra had stepped in at this point, saying he would put them on the stretching machine out back, did the boy stop moaning. He had then taken Jerry back to the stock room, to shown him how to stretch the shoes by using the broom handle. After which, to Jerry surprise, the boy was satisfied and another pair of shoes was sold.

   By lunchtime, Jerry was ready for a break. He had not been joking when he mentioned to Chandra before about his underpants. They had not only changed colour, they had shrunk in the wash, and the pair he was wearing felt uncomfortable. He decided he needed to get more clothes. So using the payphone in the staff restroom, he rang his mother.

   “Double three double five.”

   “Hi Mom,”

   “Oh darling how are you?”

   “Fine, can I come around for dinner tonight?”

   “Oh,” there was a pause.

   “Unless, you've something else planned? “Jerry quickly inserted.

   “No. No. You, silly boy, I was wondering what to cook for you. “

   “Anything,” he replied, “I'm easy. “

   “Alright I’ll think of something.”

   “Mom work calls.”

   “Before you go what time can I expect you?”

   “Around 6 o’clock ok, Bye.”

   The conversation was brief, allowing Jerry to get something to eat before being thrown back to the lions. In his imagination he was a gladiator combating the customers in the arena like in Roman times

   The afternoon was no better than the morning for people being rude. Jerry could not believe it, when this man called him an idiot. The man was showing off in front of this great looking lady. She certainly had really long legs and their little boy just wanted a pair of brown shoes for school, no big deal. Chandra had told him after they had gone, that the man’s expression was priceless, when Jerry had walk away to fetch another pair of shoes and had put on the pronounced limp, the one Chandra had called his sympathy limp. Apparently, the couple had had words, for when Jerry returned the lady had taken over and after she had learnt he got commission for every sale, she purchased two pairs of shoes.

   One minute it had been manic, then the next it was calm. The shop doors were now closed. Jerry took off his shoes. “Oh yes,” he thought. It was so good to feel the cold floor beneath his aching feet. Only working two days a week, he had yet to get use to standing. Today his feet were hurting much worse than normal, maybe it was because of the sales. There had been very little opportunity to sit even at break time. Someone had always wanted something fetched.

   The main thrust of the day's sale had been to concentrate on selling designer footwear, which they did in great numbers. Most of the shoes sold for half the marked price. Little did the people who bought them realise, that they were special purchases and had slight imperfections. Still money off always appears a bargain to people.

   A sound of bells, announced Mr Edwards the general manager, his voice then blasting out through the loudspeaker system. Sales were good. They had passed the target set for the first day, which was up from last year. He then congratulated them all for their hard work in achieving this. He then pointed out how untidy the shop now looked and was most insistent that the shelves be restocked, ready for tomorrow's opening, before they went home. The sound of the bell rang out again, at the end of broadcast. Jerry heard several people complaining that it was unfair, they were tired and last year the shop had used a night shift to restock.

   Except for his hurting feet, Jerry had had a most productive day, both commission wise and not losing his cool with some really, rude customers. Jerry had decided beforehand to treat this his first summer sale experience, as research for his drama project and so had recorded everything as it happened on a card he kept in the top pocket of his shirt. He would use this information to write a piece for his class assignment. By the end of the day, he had amassed several good stories.

   Jerry was having a laugh over stretching the shoes using the broom handle and how gullible people really were with Chandra, when Philip one of the other part timers, came over and whispered something into his ear. His immediate reaction was to blush, hell he thought, then he tightened his trouser belt an extra two notches, and instead of carrying on talking. He started restocking another display unit.

   Chandra looked at him and enquired, “What was that all about?”

   Jerry just shook his head. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry he was too embarrassed to say anything. Apparently due to weight loss, his trousers were gapping at the back every time he bent down. It wouldn’t have been so bad except for those blasted shrinking underpants for like a navvy he was showing a lot of bum cleavage.

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