Jerry's story

prostituting his body although not quit porn the innuendos were very near the mark,


8. Diana

Chapter 8 Diana                                 

   The alarm awoke the two boys the next morning. Reluctantly they got up and after preparing for the day, which included having breakfast that Eddy cooked.   They then left the house splitting up at the front door, Jerry to work and Eddy with his possessions to find somewhere else to stay. At least it was summer and the weather was warm so he could sleep in the park if needs be.

   At the station Jerry met up with Chandra who told him that people in the house were complaining about the noise his friends were making at night.

   When they reached work, the queues of people waiting on the pavement for the shop to open went round the block. It was frightening. No way could they cope with such numbers. The pickpockets and shoplifters would have a field day. Well Jerry thought, at least it's not up to me, thank goodness.

   Today Jerry was looking forward to seeing his girlfriend Diana at lunch time. In the meantime, his job today was to helped out in the household section selling canteens of cutlery. It was heavy work, by lunchtime, he’d had enough and decided to report sick.



   When Diana arrived at the staff entrance, she was disappointed to find Jerry was not already there. They had only an hour to enjoy each other's company. They had been together for a full month, so she had made this special lunch to celebrate. She was worried that they would not now have time enough to eat it; her plan had been to go to the park and eat alfresco. She put the picnic basket she was carrying down on the ground beside her and just waited.

   After a while, she felt a tap on her shoulder. Turning around she was pleased to find it was Jerry standing there at last. He gave her a great big hug and they kissed. He told her he was taking the afternoon off just to be with her and asked what was in the basket. When she replied it was their lunch, he laughed and picked it up. Then taking her hand, they walked towards the park.

   It was one of the best, summer days they’d had in weeks. There wasn't a cloud in sight, the sun felt hot. Once they reach the entrance of the park, they were first greeted with the sweet smell of freshly mowed grass. Then, while moving along one of the many paths, they came across beds of brightly coloured flowers, the scent from them flowing freely on the air. Eventually they found an area to spread out the blanket and call it their own space, although mostly secluded other people were around.

   When the basket was opened, Jerry was surprised to see Diana take out containers with chicken, smoked salmon and a egg pâté, also several salads. There was enough food as his mother would say to feed an army, and best of all they had real plates together with metal cutlery. No wonder the basket had felt heavy, Jerry thought.

   Diana, after she had served the food but before they started eating, produced, like a magician out of the basket from an inner pocket two glasses and a bottle of wine with its own cooler jacket on. When she poured, it was chilled to perfection.

    Jerry, lifting the glass, thought he could get used to this and was thankful he didn’t have to go back to work that afternoon.

   There was a good silence while they ate, each enjoying the food. It was not until Diana had repack everything that they really started talking, or more her listening to him talking. He told her about his new accommodation and the people living in the house, and how he was having complaints about the noise the college people who visited him were making.

   At some stage he mentioned in passing the bus incident. That's when she started taking an interest and asking questions, slowly drawing out all the gory details until he admitted his body was still hurting, and she asked to see his shoulder.

   Jerry got to his knees and removed his outer shirt, then had trouble removing the t-shirt he wore under it. This morning not wishing to repeat his embarrassing performance of yesterday, he had not only put on a pair of new underpants but was wearing the extra-long undershirt he had collected from home securely tucked into them.  He pulled and pulled but found the lower part was well and truly trapped.

   Diana just lay there on the blanket and laughed. She could have helped him but instead found it fun to watch him struggle. Eventually he was forced to undo his trouser belt and allow his trousers to slip down from his narrow waist to his hips letting him pull the offending cloth from his underpants.

   Diana enjoyed the tantalising glimpse of his lower body as his trouser waist gapped opened when he bent forward and removed the t-shirt over his head. She had been wanting to get into his pants for some time but thought he was shy because they had only ever kissed.

   The effort had made Jerry's shoulder hurt so he lay down and rested beside Diana, after a while he rolled over and they made contact and kissed he moved his right hand to her left breast and started to stroke the nipple through the fabric of her blouse.

   She, in her turn, took the opportunity to push her hand down through the gaping waistband of his trousers to feel his rising manhood through the cloth of his underpants. Both her nipple and his shaft became hard. Unfortunately, just then when they were ready to go further, there was some movement nearby bringing their attention to the fact that they were in a public place and could only enjoy their aroused feelings so far and no further. Diana decided it was not safe to carry on like this in public, and therefore, broke off contact. The important thing as far as she was concerned they had moved forward in their relationship. Next time when they were alone there would be no problems; she would then let their emotions fully take over. Poor Jerry was not happy at all when Diana broke contact for he would have had sex there and then and not worried about who might have seen them until afterwards. Instead the breaking of all body contact left him feeling frustrated and looking down, ironically, he wished he were alone so he could relieve the tension. However, he was not, so the only thing he could do was to turn over onto his stomach and try to think of anything but his throbbing shaft.

   "The bitch," he thought angrily. She had taken advantage of the situation. And he was the one left suffering the consequences. He watched her sway to the music coming from nearby, it sounded like a polka. Slowly his anger and passion subsided.

   The music was too loud for it to be someone's radio Diana wanted to investigate so they packed up the blanket and headed out towards the sound. They soon discovered that there was a crowd of people sitting on the grass whilst others in the middle were dancing on a makeshift floor.

   There was this wooden shed with speakers attached blasting out the music. According to the poster, it was one of the parks activities for the day. It had only just started; so Jerry queued up at the kiosk and paid admission for the general dancing session only and not the lessons that followed. Diana in the meanwhile deposited the basket in the check in for personal items provided.

   People made room for them as they joined in; slowly their style of dancing commanded more space. There was this other couple who were older but just as good and a sort of friendly competitiveness broke out. At one stage they had others around them stopping and clapping when either couple did something fancy.

   Diana was having a great time, the funny thing it was through dancing that she and Jerry had first met. It had been at a mutual friend’s wedding. He had asked her to dance. She being bored at the time reluctantly accepted only because he was so handsome. She had been pleasantly surprised, when he had turned out to be a very good dancer. Later she discovered that he was a student studying to be an all-round entertainer. At college he attended classes for acting, singing and dancing.

   Diana was disappointed when the music stopped signalling the end of the general dancing session. They chatted to the old couple and said their good bye to some of the others, who had come up to compliment them. Then they reluctantly left but by some mutual consent, they took a detour. Maybe it was not wishing to revisit the place they had picnicked and their earlier frustrations.

   Slowly they walked back to the park entrance holding hands and stopping every now and then to kiss.

   When they arrived at the entrance they decided to sit on one of the many benches that were there and started to play their game of people watching.  Jerry and Diana put on the mirrored sunglasses they had bought the other day enabling them to watch others without them realising that they were doing so.

   The first people to arrive on their stage were a family consisting of a father, mother and four children, all boys. The eldest boy started complaining that the school blazer his mother had bought in the sales was too big.

   The game was to guess what the actors would say; Jerry's reaction to the boy's outburst was to whisper to Diana, "I bet his mother will say he will grow into it".

   Without thinking, she whispered back. "Yes maybe," but when the boy continued moaning, she changed her mind. “No way," and after further reflection said, “I bet he lost his old one".

   The father eventually got fed up with the boy going on and on about that damn blazer, so told him to, “Shut up." Giving him a clip around the head carried on to tell him, " It's your own fault, you lost your other one and now because of you we’ve had to buy two this year. " The boy started to cry and they left.

   Jerry paid the forfeit which was a kiss and asked Diana how she had guessed correctly; her explanation was that the next brother down was all smiles and something about him made her think of him being happy not to have a hand-me-down blazer this year.

   Then there was this old lady and young man who arrive separately and sat on the same bench. After the young man had eaten his sandwiches he had dropped the wrappers on the ground and was reading his paper. The old lady was giving him the eye.  The bet was whether she was going to say something or not. Jerry was of the yes opinion. Diana thought she would not. Jerry won; the old girl had that steely look in her eyes, so Jerry duly got his rewarding kiss.

   It was fun, and then there was a lull so they just kissed, anyway. Next, it was a mother and daughter who sat down and started having a heated argument that had ended in silence. The bet was who would speak first.

   In the quiet that followed Diana was reminded of the heated words she had only that morning with Kate, her mother, concerning Adam, one of her many boyfriends. She had inadvertently blurted out that she was seeing someone new. This prompted her mother to remark she hoped this new boy was more suitable than the others were. Furious at the comment, Diana had asked if she would like to vet him. Diana should have known better. The answer was to bring him home for supper.

   Diana took her glasses off deciding game over to spite her mother, Diana now suggested to Jerry maybe he would like to come back to her place for tea.   Jerry knew Diana lived in walking distance of the park entrance. He had always wondered what the properties around the park looked like from inside, so he agreed.


   Damn that’s typical, Diana thought. Just my luck they’re out. Mother should have been home; everything was spoilt. Her plan of coming home for tea had misfired. It was supposed to be in retribution for this morning’s tiff. It would have been so perfect. They usually took a nap at this time of day. Where could they be?  Sometimes they visited their friends in one of the apartments below. Maybe she should check there first. She had this dilemma though, what to do with Jerry. Could she leave him in the apartment alone? Technically, he wasn’t alone. Her brother Peter was home. She had come across him when checking for her parents and had told him about Jerry and tea.

   Diana took the lift down to reception, where she learnt her parents had left the building some time before she and Jerry had arrived. That’s when she encountered Mathew again. He deliberately let his arm brush her breast as he reached across for the signing in book.

   Only the other day they had had great sex, and the thought of having her legs trapped inside his strong thighs and his extra-long man shaft inside her once again, banished all thought of Jerry waiting upstairs. She sometimes acted like a bitch on heat; anything in trousers was fair game. By the time they had got into his apartment, Mathew was certainly up for some fun. She loved the way he used his body’s strength to thrust inside her and the sensation she felt when they came together was mind blowing. It was only much later, whilst having a shower that she remembered about tea.


   Jerry wandered about the place. He looked at the paintings and objet d'art. Although he thought, they must be originals, in his opinion they were crap. He preferred the style of more modern artists.

   Moving along he found himself in a room with its blinds closed. He imagined it was the sun lounge as it had less formal furniture compared to the other rooms.  It did however have a pair of very ornate French doors leading out onto a walled roof garden, not large, but to have a garden up here was something special. The surrounding walls were shoulder high. That must have been the parapet he had observed when looking up prior to entering the building.

   On the patio, there was a large table and an assortment of chairs, shielded from the heat of the sun by a canvas, sail type awning.

   All very idyllic thought Jerry. He presumed that was where they would have tea. Looking at his watch he saw time was passing and still no Diana.

   When he reached the far wall he looked over and just stood there; spread out below him was a panoramic view of the park and surrounding area. It was incredible to think he was up here on the top floor of an apartment building, standing in a roof garden. He had been very impressed when they had first arrived and Diana had pointed out that she lived with her family in the apartment that spread over the complete upper two floors.

   Using the park entrance as a point of reference, Jerry slowly scanned back over the area. He recognised here and there certain features, like the fallen tree. The one he had chased Diana around. He smiled as he remembered the fun of catching her and the kiss he had received afterwards. Yes, he thought he could just make out the loud speakers that were on top of the wooden hut. This reminded him of their dancing, especially the warm feeling of holding her in his arms. Unfortunately, there was too much tree cover to identify the place they had had the picnic lunch and other things.

   A voice rang out, "WHO ARE YOU?” Startled, Jerry turned around to find a short white haired man standing on the patio by the French doors pointing a gun at him.

   Jerry shouted out, “Your daughter, Diana, invited me back for tea”.

   “Wrong answer”, the man called back.

   Before Jerry could say another word, the man retreated inside and once there locked and bolted the doors, so making Jerry a prisoner in the garden.

   It was the sound of the guitar playing that drew Jerry’s attention to a set of stairs going down to the lower floor. At the bottom, there was a glass-enclosed corridor. Not knowing which direction to take, he decided to follow the music. To his surprise, it led him to a young boy of about thirteen strumming away. He was good, in fact very good, and had mastered quite a difficult piece. Knocking on the open door, he got the boy's attention.

   “Hello I’m Jerry. That was great.”

   “Thanks, I’m Peter, Diana’s younger brother, I understand from her you’re staying for tea.”

   “I was but Diana sort of disappeared.”

   “Yes well she does that from time to time.”

   “By the way Peter a most peculiar thing happened to me in your roof garden there was this man with a gun.

   Peter’s response was to start laughing, “So you’ve met grandfather then,” he said when he could stop.

   Jerry relayed what had happened. This started Peter off again.

   “Grandfather, he’s as nutty as a fruit cake,” Peter said and continued to tell Jerry, he was quite harmless. Although now and then, he would slip away from his male nurse minder and scare the shit out of people with that fake gun of his.

   However much Jerry enjoyed talking to Peter, he was no substitute for his sister, wherever she might be. Also Jerry’s shoulder had started to hurt again. So giving up on Diana, he left.


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