Jerry's story

prostituting his body although not quit porn the innuendos were very near the mark,


7. Back at the house

 Chapter 7.Back at the house

   That evening when Jerry arrived back at the house there were several of his college friends waiting for him to let them in. At first he had enjoyed his popularity but lately it was getting a bit much. Not only was he not getting to sleep until late but it was getting a bit expensive for they were always drinking his tea and coffee also no food was safe from them. It had got to the stage where he would have to hide anything he wanted for breakfast the next morning otherwise the cupboard would be empty. He also suspected that money was missing from his wallet. Thankfully tonight he had returned with his mother's food, which when reheated was devoured with some approving grunts. At one stage he had them sitting on the bed and even some sitting on the floor.

    He decided this free food thing couldn’t go on like this. So he announced aloud so everyone could hear, “Can I have your attention I would like to say you’re all most welcome to call on me but I cannot afford to keep shelling out for drinks and food. It amazed Jerry how after that speech, his so called friends left as quickly as they had come.

   Only Eddy, who had brought his sleeping bag together with some clothes in a duffel bag was still there. He only wanted to know if he could stay for a few nights, because his father being in the navy, had just arrive home for shore leave and they didn't get on. Taking pity on him, Jerry told Eddy he could stay, but for that night only. 


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