Jerry's story

prostituting his body although not quit porn the innuendos were very near the mark,


3. Andy

Chapter 3 Andy

   Thankfully by the time Andy entered the first room of the bedsit although there was still a lingering sweet smell of gas in the air it was almost totally gone.

   Andy first checked the gas stove to make sure that the taps were turned off and noted that the meter was showing empty. He then opened all the windows allowing more fresh air to flood the rooms. It was in the bedroom that he discovered the reason for the gas leak.

   Before leaving to report his findings to Shirley Andy took the opportunity to nose around.

   It appeared on inspection of Jerry’s wallet which he found lying on the bedside table together with a set of keys that Jerry had plenty of money and a pass showing he was a student.  Hopefully he wouldn’t miss one of the pound notes Andy took.


   Andy reported to Shirley that after searching the bedsit he had found the source of the gas leak. Apparently, the previous occupier had either thoughtlessly or more likely on purpose left the gas fire taps in each room partly open.  Just enough so, when anyone inserted money into the meter, the gas in the system would slowly seeped out filling both rooms with toxic fumes. They had all been very lucky the new boy wasn’t a smoker or hadn’t put a whole load of money in the meter. Otherwise the place could have gone up like a fireball and he and possibly others would be dead.  

   Although the thought of that upset Shirley, she was still pleased she didn’t have to evacuate the house. She asked Andy to go around and tell everyone the good news.

   Shirley who used her spare bedroom as an office could see the front door of the property. This enabled her to monitor who came in and out of the house. Only the other day, she had caught the tenant of the rooms Jerry now rented trying to leave owing more money than the deposit Shirley originally retained. Through this same window, she observed the Indian boy Jay, letting himself in. She suddenly realised, she had forgotten to tell Chandra who shared the single bedsit in the attic of the leak.


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