The Adventures of Ivan and Simon

About two Smurf brothers robbed by a gang of terrible trolls. Set out for an epic adventure to retrieve their Unicorn, food and christmas feast.


3. Kevin

Walking through the forest was a hard task to be performed by two Smurf brothers and a vampire. The vampire was sedated at the black market, put on a leash and put into a wooden crate. The brothers couldn’t start their journey until the vampire had awoken, so they spend the night camping on the edge of the boundary between Smurf town and Temberillo forest.

The next morning the brothers awoke to a scraping sound coming from the crate.

“Oh goodie! Our new pet must be awake!” Cheered Ivan

Ignoring Ivan’s idiotic comment Simon walked over to the crate and opened it up, as soon as he did, the vampire pounced at them, snarling.

“Back beast! Back!” demanded Simon, waving a stick

The vampire obeyed and lay down on the ground, Simon started to make his way over to their pet when he heard what could only be Ivan’s scream, Simon spun around and gave Ivan his most terrifying death stare and shouted at him “Oh God Ivan! You damn idiot! Grow up you pathetic piece of muck!”

Ivan covered his mouth and curled up into a ball. Simon turned back around to his pet and took hold of the leash. His words were strict and direct “Now, vampire, you are our pet and you will obey me, your name shall be Kevin, no complaints? Ok good”

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