Unnatural vampire

A story about a vampire that may differ from all the others but then look like them anyway. Oh well, read it if you want to :)


2. Letters from a stranger


A year had passed since I got attacked by the wolf and that funny vampire had been here. He hadn’t been here after that thought he had said “see you soon”. I kind of missed him by now. It was quite funny how he was so dark and gloomy. But something I just did not understand: how could a vampire dye his hair black? And why would it? I remembered him to look perfect. Though not all white-skinned like you read in the stories, I remembered he had red cheeks; like when you have been playing outside in the snow and the blood rushes to your cheeks. And then another strange thing: he was not scary at all. And though I had figured out he was a vampire I was not afraid of him drinking my blood. Not at all, in fact: I kind of liked him. He had even tasted my blood, but he had let me taste his too. I remember it to be kind of sweet but it had a gooish consistence. My hair had grown a bit redder since then.

Another strange thing had happened: mum got mail every month containing money. She would not tell me where the money came from and what the letter said. I had even started in school and we had money enough for supplies. I did not tell anyone about this nor did I tell them the story about the vampire.

The years past by and mum still got the letters with money. I had just graduated from school and was enjoying my summer holiday when mum told me we were moving to the city.

“You’re kidding right?” I asked her because this was too good to be true.

“No, sweetie. I have saved some money up and now I have bought us a little apartment,” mum said with a smile.

My eyes filled with tears. Though this was home where I had lived all my life; I could not wait to get a real home where I would not have to freeze in the winter and I could have friends visiting me. I smiled and hugged my mum so suddenly that she made a little “oh”.


Not many days after we were packing our stuff together. Mum had gotten a job in the city and was away when I suddenly stumbled over the letters she had gotten through the last 11 years. I picked up one of the convolutes in the stack. My mother’s name and address was written in beautiful letters on the front of the envelope. I could not help myself; I was too curious to just let it lie.

I opened the envelope and took out the letter:


Dear Gina

I could not help but notice how poor you guys are and I felt sorry for you. I know you had a hard time getting a job and that Hayley had to drop out of school. That is why I am donating some money to you guys since I am not in need of it. There is enough to get her back into school and supplies for the rest of the month. This is not something you can discuss with me which is why I did not write my address. I will keep sending money for a few years so get used to it.

Good luck



Who was Alec? Where had I heard that name before? It sounded somewhat familiar though I did not know why. I packed the rest of the letters in a plastic bag and laid them on my mother’s bed. I thought about this Alec the rest of the day as I packed. Suddenly I looked on my left arm without thinking and saw the little thin white mark I had gotten years ago and some of the memory came back to me:

I remember it was cold and dark. There was a creature like a monster. It talked to me saying something about my blood. I remember being scared. Then I only remembered faint flashed memories of a pale boy talking to the creature. I remember being happy at that moment. The boy was carrying me home. He looked so… gloomy? Yeah gloomy.

I smiled and shook my head. That only seemed like a dream. But the scar from then was still on my arm, though I did not remember the time it had to heal and how it had healed. Again I shook my head and began packing again. How did this boy look? I remembered him to be very beautiful though I could not get a picture of him fixed in my head. Was this the rich Mr. Alec?




High school was great. I got a lot of friends and I even fell in love – or at least I thought that was love – with a boy in my class. He was the popular punker with black and blue hair and studs everywhere. My mum liked him too even though she did not like his style. I had changed a lot myself with black eyeliner, A LOT of mascara and black and neon colored clothes. The girls from my class told me that he was in to me too, but I did not believe them though my best friend Nathan was kind of jealous at me (he was gay and liked the popular guy too). His name was Jack and he was really kind to me though he could be a pain in the ass sometimes.


One day I was on Burger King with a group of friends – including hottie nr. 1, Jack – and I saw a guy on the street who reminded me of someone I had seen before. He was tall and had black hair and he looked like he was about 18. Something about him made me think about the strange boy from 11 years ago, maybe because this guy looked as gloomy as the one 11 years ago?

“Hey pretty, where are you?” said Jacks charming voice in my ear.

I blushed; I was the only girl in the class he called ‘pretty’. I stumbled over the words when I tried to answer him and the others laughed, but I could tell from Nathan’s expression that he envied me. I smiled politely at him and turned my face to look after the guy again, but he was gone.


I was halfway through high school and as all the others had predicted Jack and I were together. We had this perfect relationship to the viewers, but it was a whole different story in private. We fought a lot when we were together because it bothered me that he was flirting with other girls in my presence. But when a fight was over he could be so passionate and loving. I was still virgin though!

“Babe, please listen to me when I’m talking to you. It really hurts my feelings when I’m trying to tell you something and you won’t listen,” said Jack.

I looked blankly at him as he tried to explain me that he could not just stop being him because I got jealous when he flirted with others.

“Look Jack! I’m really sick and tired of having these discussions all the time! Just get that I don’t want to see you licking someone else’s ear!” I said to him in a firm tone.

He flinched, but then he sat up straight and his face got tomato red: “but since you won’t have sex with me, I’ll just have to get satisfied somewhere else!”

He already knew when the words had slipped from his lips that he should have said something else. My eyes filled with anger and my cheeks got hotter than before and I was about to explode.

“Oh so you have to get satisfied somewhere else?! Fine, then don’t consider me as your girlfriend anymore!” I snarled through gritted teethes.

Then I jumped off the couch and picked up my bag. Jack’s face went pale and he grabbed my arm before I reached the door.

“I’m sorry Hayley! I didn’t mean it, I’m so sorry! Please don’t leave,” he begged.

I tore my arm out of his grip and slammed the door behind me. His mum was sleeping on the couch in the living room; smelling like she had been drinking. I went out into the sun and ran towards my bike.

I flung my leg over it and began stepping rapidly in the pedals. My heart was broken and my feelings crushed, but the tears were not yet to come.


As I drove through the city, full of anger, I saw someone. A person I had seen before; many times before. The boy with the black hair and the pale face. He looked at me and it looked like he smiled a bit. I forgot all about looking where I was going and as I stared at him; I suddenly got out on the road and then someone screamed. The front of a car hit my side and everything was upside down. I could feel cold metal and pain shooting though my body. Then everything went black.

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