My name is Prim

My life is a perfect, everything going to plan, I will get a job. But my parents have other plans.


1. Life

I live the best life ever. I get grades, have the best friends, get to eat the best food and love life. It the end of the term and our A levels. I am 18. My mum and dad are taking me to India for my break. I say my goodbyes and leave school with my best friend Matt. He's a great laugh. 

"Bye." We hug and I turn to walk to my house. I reach my home. Its a simple white house, with red roses crawling up the side of the wall. I sigh.

"Mum?" I call as I enter the dark house. 

"Hello" She calls from behind me I nearly jump out of my skin. 

Her face is sad, I wonder why?

"We are leaving for India now." I nod then clamp up the stairs to get my bag. I had a bad feeling something was wrong....

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