Dear Diary...

I like books, there words dig into me, I feel them. Words. Words are confusing no-one understands them, so I decided to write down my story. Love? What does love really mean? Heres how my story starts......


2. Love?

I walked home. Love still rattled through my brain. Love? I pictured those lovely blue eyes that the tall boy had, soft brown wavy hair, bright white smile. Words. They came pouring at me.  "Oops!" I cried as I bumped into something. It was the boy. 

"Sorry!" He cried and pulled me to my feet. Love? For once my words were lost. Love? I nodded then turned to walk away.

"Hey, you didn't even tell me your name." He called after me and grabbed my arm then gently pulled me next to him.

"Callie." I muttered. Love? 

"Cool, mines James." He waved and then walked off. James. What a lovely name. Love? James. I shook my head and carried on my journey home. Love? James. I smiled and then pulled out a book. Love?

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