Love Story between a halfblood angel and a Demon..


1. Francesca


The color black covered the cloves, unnecessary enough from the hair dye, he'd brought earlier that noon.  She had no idea, why he had mentioned that to her, but with no cover for not doing it, she did get his hint.

The golden brown eyes, smiled to her through the mirror, even if he never used to smile.

He lied his hands at her shoulders, and she felt safe for the first time, for long. 

She never covered her feelings for him, but strangely enough, he never looked directly into her eyes.

As if he were worried about what would happened if he did. 

The steaming water in bathtub, started smelling of the Rose Petals, he added. 

The towel, around her skinny white body, was soft as silk, as she sat on the chair, in front of the mirror. 

His hands were warm, around the cold shoulders, and she closed her eyes, taking a deep breath.  

"Don't be afraid Francesca, you'll get used to it soon enough."  

She turned her head, to catch his eye, just once, he shook, and tired desperately, not to glance at her.  

"No! Don't!"   The dye, was finally taking it's "form", and he helped her into the tub. 

He grabbed the sponge, and stroke her back softly.   

"Francesca.. Where from did you get these scars, on you back?  

She pretended, she wasn't listening, to what he just asked her. 

The scars itched, as he had poured salt into the sponge. 

He drew his fingers through the new dyed hair so it fell down the back, as if he could feel her pain.   

Outside the leaves, had a "glow" around them, as they fell to the grass, covering the ground, under the three, which held them. 

The sun was shining through the window, into her face, trying to warm her up, but no difference it made. 

She sighed, lying her head on the edge of the tub.   

"Francesca.. You know I wasn't finished, washing your back yet.."

  "Luke, you know it's to no use!" - "You just wont realize it!" -

"Will you ever get it into your head!?"  

She grabbed his wrist, and he dropped the sponge at the floor, sounding a splash. 

"Please, just leave it be Luke, I'm begging you -

It wont do better, and you know it!"

"Why do you keep trying?"   

He stood up from his knees, without any difficulty in moving, as he still did focus not, looking into her eyes.

She lied on her side, in the tub, staring at him, waiting for him to look back.

"Francesca.. You know it wont do..

He will never accept it.."

 She raise up, in front of him, staring at him with eyes, almost begging for protection, without even wanting it for real. 

Still he didn't looked her in the eye, but hurried behind her, to swap her in the towel, so she would not be to cold. 

"I don't need this! It's no difference, anyway."

She left, out of the front door, undressed, leaving the house to discover the sun, and smells from outside. 

The wind danced around her, with a sweet scent of Cherry Blossoms, and White roses. 

She sat at the edge of the cleft and looked out over the sea.  

"You have to wear something."

He stroke her hair, so the smell of the shampoo spread all around.   

"Why won't you ever look at me, Luke?" -

"I've known you for seven years now, and not once, you have looked me in the eyes!" 

"Not, without the stupid glasses, you're always wearing!"

He tilted his glasses down over his eyes. and his eye colour changed into black, then he straightened his hair.

He put the towel over her shoulders, and applied his white gloves.

"You never listen!"

She ran into the house and locked the door so he could not enter.  

He knew her heart was filled with anger, and doubt, about her feelings, and decided to leave her to think. 

She glanced at him, as he left the garden to take a walk by the sea. 

The sun was shining at her, but she still was cold as ice. 

The flowers on the threes in the garden, looked some kind of sad, she could see. 

Down on the beach he walked, thinking to himself-

Just like he used to do when he missed.. 

He played ducks and drakes, for some time, until he knew she would had calm down.

When he returned, she sat by the table in the living room, waiting for him. 

She had picked a flower- a white rose from the garden- for him. 

She had cried, and tried to hide it, even if he knew already.   

"Sometimes Luke, you make me want to die, do you know that?" 

He drew on his gloves and took a handkerchief from his breast pocket of his coat, to dry her eyes. 

"Why do I have these powers, when I don't want them, Luke?" 

He shook his head, as an answer, as he bew down to dry her eyes. 

"Will you do me a favour Luke? -

Will you take off your glasses for me, one day?"

She took his hand, and lied it on her chest, to make him feel her heartbeat.  

The moment was awkward for him, he wanted to tell her something, but he just couldn't. 

"Have you done your homework, for school tomorrow?

Please tell me you have."

He putted the rose down back on the table.

As she were answering, he left to the kitchen, to cook dinner. 

"I have done it, and the dinner is in the refrigerator..

It just needs to get warmed up." She smiled at him, with a glow in her eyes, which he didn't saw. 

"I am not just ten years old any more".

"And some how I am just waiting for you to realize it".       

She sat drawing in her room, feeling the scent of Chicken rice from Singapore.

Often called the “national dish” of Singapore, this steamed or boiled chicken

is served atop fragrant oily rice, with sliced cucumber as the token vegetable. 

Variants include roasted chicken or soy sauce chicken, coming all over the house.   

Luke knocked on the door, and she looked up, as he came in. 

"Francesca.. Dinner's ready."

She hurried to hide her work away, so he wouldn't see it, and who it was, and turned off the lamp. 

In the dark she could see, a tiny bit of his figure, in the door opening. 

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