Read the life of Tanya a year girl beaten ever day by her mean mother.Tanya loves her mother and would never tell anyone but one day it goes too far.


1. The Scar

"Tanya bring me a bowl of popcorn from the kitchen"my mom yelled.I slowly walked into the kitchen.

"Why don't she move her lazy bottom"i mumbled under my breath.

"What was that"my mother yelled.

"Nothing mom"i shouted back.

"Don't mom me now bring me some popcorn right now or i will never feed you for a week"my mother shouted now she only fed me one times a week just bread and a apple what could be worse.I ran with the bowl of popcorn while dropping 4 popcorn into my mouth and trip.The popcorn spills on the floor my mom runs to me.

"You greedy filthy pig i won't feed you for two weeks"my mother screams slapping me in the face and getting a hot cooking spoon and placing it onto my right hand.I scream in agony and pain but there is Noone to hear my screams while my mother smiles a wicked smile.Why me why do i deserve a life as harsh as this i rather die then have a life as horrible as this.

Kill me Someone...

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