Tell Her

Tell Her is a novel written from the point of view of a lovable, ditsy lady-charmer; Danny who is impossibly in love with his best friend Ruby. Only her being his friend isn't the only obstacle he has to overcome...


2. The boyfriend...


There was something about Brett which made me feel like I had to assert my manliness when he was around, naturally Roo noticed and told me off on numerous occasions. Not that it made a difference.


The aforementioned DIY Brett couldn't muster the energy to do was putting together a flat pack bookcase and after 20 minutes (10 of those spent locating the bag of screws I'd unintentionally hidden under the instruction manual) Roo and I were sat scrutinising my handy work over a cuppa. 


"Thanks Dan," She smiled gratefully, "If I had to wait for Brett to do it, it wouldn't have got done." 


I half laughed and nodded, "It was easy enough don't worry. So...things are, you know, good between you two?" I asked trying and failing to sound indifferent. 


"Things are okay, we argue but every couple argues, right? It's normal."


"True." I couldn't help sounding blunt. I had hoped she’d tell me things were going awful and she couldn’t take anymore, there’s nothing worse for the soul than seeing the girl you love with another man – another less deserving man.


“What about you Danny, any special ladies in your life right now?”


Yes. I thought smiling slightly, of course there is, there always has been. “Nope, I’m as single as they come.” I waved my hand dismissively and took an exaggerated mouthful of tea, thinking of my next sentence carefully. “I don’t really have time for a girlfriend, what with work and...”


“Excuses Daniel, excuses.” She furrowed her brow and then, as if a light bulb went off in her mind, she broke into a heart-breakingly beautiful grin, “OH! I know! I have this friend! She’s-“




“Just listen before you write the idea off, she’s-“




“Danny, you’d love her.”


I find that highly unlikely. “No Roo,” I shook my head defiantly, “No blind dates.”


“Fine.” She pouted her soft lips. “No blind dates.” She repeated. 

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