Tell Her

Tell Her is a novel written from the point of view of a lovable, ditsy lady-charmer; Danny who is impossibly in love with his best friend Ruby. Only her being his friend isn't the only obstacle he has to overcome...


3. No blind dates...


Predictably, Ruby didn’t listen to me. But then had I really expected her to? This was the third blind date she’d tried to set me up with and – just like the others – this girl had model looks and a killer body and in a normal situation I would be all over that – excuse the pun - but I couldn’t focus my energy on anyone but Roo...


I will openly admit that I wasn’t my usual self with this ‘date’, I usually filled awkward silences with a boat load of bad jokes or asked questions so I seemed interested, but for Ruby to accuse me of being rude was just...well, wrong.


“Why are you acting like this?” Ruby frowned grabbing my forearm and attempting to turn me towards her, “You aren’t being very nice.”


“I told you, no blind dates.”


“I just thought that...”


“It doesn’t matter what you thought,” Danny snapped, “I didn’t want this Roo, I didn’t want to be here with Brett and her... I didn’t want to be here with you.”


“Oh charming,” She rolled her chocolate eyes and then fixed her expression into a cold stare, “Just come back inside and at least pretend to be interested in something other than your meal.”


“I am interested!” I argued defensively.


“Then act like you are, she thinks you’re great Dan can’t you just...I don’t know, go along with it, for me?”


And just like that, I softened. Her words, the way she spoke them, the way she pouted her lips – I knew I’d do anything for her. Whether she asked me to go along with a blind date I had no interest in or jump off a cliff to my death, I would do anything for her.




She grinned and threw her arms around my neck, she placed a soft kiss on my cheek and sent sparks of electric through every inch of my body, she then ruffled my hair, turned on her heel and went back into the restaurant, back to the table and back to him. 

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