Tell Her

Tell Her is a novel written from the point of view of a lovable, ditsy lady-charmer; Danny who is impossibly in love with his best friend Ruby. Only her being his friend isn't the only obstacle he has to overcome...


1. There she goes...


I’m going to tell her. I’m going to tell her. I’m going to tell her. I repeated in my head, almost like a mantra. Today was the day I took that plunge, today I would tell my best friend (of 17 years I might add) that I’m a little bit in love with her. Today I’d lay everything on the line, I’d leave my heart open and bare for her to take...or crush. It really could go either way. I just knew that today had to be the last time I looked at her and felt this way, I had to tell her.


But, predictably, as I saw her walk towards me, my resolve melted quicker than butter on hot toast. There’s no way in hell I could tell her.


Ruby-Lou Thomas, or Roo – as I call her – is 22 and I swear to God up in heaven there isn’t a single person more beautiful than her, inside and out; she’s perfect. Only, of course she doesn’t see that. Her glossy brunette, effortlessly perfect hair seems to offend her on a daily basis and she really doesn’t see the fascination with her dark brown eyes. How she doesn’t is beyond me. She has a beautiful voluptuous body with curves in all the right places, yet she reckons it’s the result of one too many bars of chocolate and despises the parts of her that I love. She’s completely oblivious to how beautiful she is and perhaps that’s half of her charm; that she doesn’t realise.


That and she has an incredible rack.


“Danny, I need your help.” She catches me off guard and I have to repeat her words in my mind for my brain to function correctly.


“What with?” I ask.


“DIY, man stuff that Brett doesn’t know anything about.” She responds rolling her beautiful, underappreciated brown eyes.


Oh, of course, the other problem – the boyfriend. 

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