The Dating Diary of Samantha Reens

Read the diary of Samantha Reens a 15 and a half fun loving girl who writes about her love life in a diary


1. Boyfriend No.1

Jerome,My first ever boyfriend was this gorgeous french dude called Jerome.I remembered the day i met him January 17 10.03pm.He was a foreign exchange student from France and was staying in the UK for a few years.I saw him and i just fell in love with him.He had sandy long gold hair,green eyes and a beautiful french accent.I was only 14 i liked him alot  so i believed in true love.We were together for a year when i found out he had a girlfriend in France called France they'd been together for 5 years childhood sweethearts.When i found he had been cheating on me i dumped him.I was heartbroken for months but as you say your heart will heal.

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