I mixed the lyrics from one of Kelly Clarksons song into this first chapter... Harry hopes for a peacuful vacation, but what happens when Draco shows up and change everything? And what happens, when school starts again?
Drarry Lime, slash fanfiction
This is Yaoi - Boy Love! xD


2. You Won't Forget ... (15+ Warning)


A/N: Sorry this chapter is short, but i intend making my fans beg :D xD Lol, Just kidding, i just don't feel like writing anymore on this for today, since i'm also working on a Phineas and Ferb Yaoi ;P! Love to PhinErb xD This chapter surely is only 638 words, but i hope u enjoy anyway! :DD   Draco smiled satisfacted, when his nibbling at Harry's neck caused the dark haired boy to moan in his sleep. "Yeah you like that, don't you potter?" Draco whispered huskily into Harry's ear, well-knowing Harry couldn't hear him.   Draco continued with his nibbling and sucking at Harry's neck, causing small whimpers and moans to escape from Harry's throat, through his perfect kiss-able pink lips, only making Draco's erection grow harder. "Damnit-..." Draco groaned to his painfully hard erection.   He moved his left hand from his Harry side, to Harry's sweat-shirt and pulled up, pinching his nipple. He shouldn't have.   Harry woke up, shivering in pleasure and moaning loudly, looking right into Draco's eyes, which was clouded with lust. "D-d-dra-draco, what the hell? L-lemme' g-g-go!" Harry struggled weakly, panting, only making Draco chuckle.   Draco payed no attention to Harry's struggeling, as he went back to what he had been interrupted in. He began pulling in Harry's nipple's, stopping Harry from struggling, and go to moaning loudly instead. "D-d-draco-... M-my uncle and h-his family will hear-... P-please, d-don't-.."   Draco smirked, answering playfully. "Oh? Then let's give them a show, shall we?" Harry simply didn't believe what was going on. Draco Malfoy was all over him! What in the name of Potter was going on? Harry never got any further with his thoughts, as another wave of pleasure rushed through his body, caused from Draco pinching both of his nipple's, and pulling them. Harry was getting hard.  
'No-... no, no, no, no, NO! Bad Harry, what the hell is wrong with you? But... It feel's so good!- NO!'
Harry tried, once again, to struggle, but with same result.   Draco smirked. It had becomed a new habbit of his. "Does it feel good, Potter?" Draco's voice sounded huskily in Harry's ears, and his voice hot on his skin. Draco now moved his mouth down to Harry's chest. "N-noo-uaaaAAh!" Harry whimpered in pleasure as Draco began nibbling Harry's nipples.   A deeper chuckle than else escaped Draco's throat, as he palmed the tent forming in Harry's pants. "Oh? But you're body says something entirely different ..." Harry blushed even more. This sutiation was way too embarrassing. But... he might as well get something out of it... right?   "Aah-.. Uuuuh-..." Harry moaned and panted, not caring to hide the pleasure he felt, from Draco's tongue swirling around his left nipple, and his hand pinching the other. Draco smirk remained.   "H-huh-... Uuuh, M-malfoy, s-so good ..." Harry panted hard. Malfoy chuckled, senting vibration to Harrys nipple, making him moan even more. "Who would've thought that you, the boy-who-lived, Potter- Could be so Perverted?" Harry trembled, his eyes widened.   "I-i'm-... I'M NOT PER-vaaaaaah D-draco, D-don't- uuh..." Harry protested, though not being able to stop his moaning, as Draco's hand slid down Harrys boxers, grabbing his erection. Draco smirked. Again. "You're not what- hmmm, Harry?" Draco said huskily, making Harry blush, and turn his head away from Draco's gaze.   Draco started a slow painful rythm, moving his hand up and down Harry's shaft, making him pant hard, and moan. "D-draco, p-please- aaah..." Harry gasped, his eyes now glinting with lust, half-lidded. This was making Draco more aroused than he'd ever been. How could Potter be so damn cute, and sexy?   Draco moved his mouth up to Harry's ear, biting his ear lobe, afterwards whispering lustfully. "This is going to be a night you won't forget-..."
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