Serena has a story to tell, and she'll tell anyone who'll listen. She's probably gone now, but it's important that you read her diary. Your decision could be the difference between a terrible fate and a safe harbour for the entire world. (Complete)

(**Please note that this is PURELY fictional.**)


1. Reality

December 31st 2012

Dear Diary,

If you're reading this, then my greatest fears have come true. Wait. Let me explain; I'm not crazy. Things have been happening lately...strange things. So I'm keeping this diary, in the hopes that someone will find it and stop this from going any further. I'm Serena Walker, 13, and the school loner. But that's honestly a new thing, along with the fear, lonliness, and awkward atmosphere. A few days ago, I actually had friends.


It all started with a note. No, literally, I opened my locker and right in front of me was a flimsy piece of paper. Telling me the world was going to end. Being a highschooler, I, at first, assumed that it was a prank. But no prank continues for the rest of the week. And no prank chases you home, planting itself in your wardrobe. Everyday, I found a note, each one saying the same thing.

'The world will end soon.'


After several weeks, the constant flow of notes ceased. Little did I know, this was not the end. The daily pieces of paper were replaced by people. People in the back garden, people on the street, people staring from my bedroom ceiling. People writing 'the end is near' on my bathroom wall. Trying to tell your friends something like that without being labelled bonkers is pretty difficult. Regardless, I told Jane-she lives across from me so she was easy to contact in the holidays we'd just begun. What a shame she didn't believe me, in fact she posted it all over Facebook. And that's when I lost everything.



Now all I've got left is this flimsy diary, so I'm going to hide it, where I pray to god the right person will find it. The reality of it all is looming over me this very minute, literally hovering at my drive, waiting to show the world how wrong they were about the apocalyspe being a hoax-starting with my tiny town in the middle of nowhere. If you're still wondering what the hell I could be on about...


Well, the end has finally come, just not the way you think. The thing at the end of my drive is a dark, almost motionless figure, like it's waiting for me to come out of the house. Its aura, much like its cloak, is dark, heavy, and depressing. You can't escape it once it's wrapped itself around you. And it'll wrap itself around everyone eventually. I pity you if you were like me, and no one believed you, so you're fighting this all by yourself, just like me. You see, this is why you must believe, and you must fight, and you must resist. But most of all, you must love. Without love, and families, this depression will wrap itself around the world until we all die. We'll just fade out, unnoticed, like a dim, flickering light bulb.


Save yourself-and others, if you can. Please. That's my dying wish. I can feel the rigid sadness of our captors from here, and I know they've seized my mother and younger siblings, in the living room and kitchen. I can feel the despair looming over me now. Almost. I hope this finds you. Whether you're well or not.


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