Death junior

DJ never did fit in at school, probably because he was a skeleton and his dad was the Grim Reaper. Leo is a goth who moves to DJ's school. He thinks DJ is the coolest person ever. But could their friendship really last?


2. The new kid

DJ (Death Junior) sat in the far corner of the classroom, no one paying attention to him, him paying attention to no one. Just the way he liked it. The teacher suddenly spoke up

" All right class! Pay attention! This is Leo. He will be your new class mate. Unfortunately, the only remaining seat is next to," Mrs. Figgins paused to let shiver before looking across at DJ, "Him. I am terribly sorry Leo."

Leo sat down next to DJ. He stared up at the long curved blade of DJ's scythe. Leo wondered why he would need the sharp weapon. Meanwhile, DJ sat and thought. He did not mind Mrs. Figgins daily torture. After all it would be just two days before she would pass on, suffering an unexpected heart attack. DJ's father was the Grim Reaper himself, so he knew when everyone would die. His father had given him the pleasure of collecting the demonic teacher, and personally sending her to the burning inferno of Hell.

At break Leo came over to DJ. 

"God, how do you put up with her?"

"With great skill. Now, leave me alone."

"Why should I?" DJ pointed to the 5 foot scythe that lay next to him. That was why Leo walked away

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