Death junior

DJ never did fit in at school, probably because he was a skeleton and his dad was the Grim Reaper. Leo is a goth who moves to DJ's school. He thinks DJ is the coolest person ever. But could their friendship really last?


1. Death Junior

The boy stood in the corner of the yard. nobody payed attention to him as they raced past, playing their games. If they had stopped and looked however, they would have noticed some unusual thins about him

A crimson hood hung over his head, shadowing his hollow skull. Burning embers flared in his empty eye sockets. The constant fires had caused the bone around the sockets to be blackened and burnt. Over his shoulder hung a huge scythe, with crusted red stains dappling the once-silver blade. The gnarled handle was twisted and curved, meaning it was hard to hold in his bony, skinless hand. The scarlet hood led down to a cloak which flowed freely at his legs. black boots covered his legs and feet. His name; Death Junior.

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