Joe drinks mixed medicens and starts to shrink. The doctors call the scientists and Joe gets taken away into a top secret labrotory under ground so no one can find it.Joe gets strapped down to the table scissors and needles on either side of her, what can she do will she escape before they.....


1. Morning has broken

     It was a brilliant Autum morning, the colourful leaves falling onto the dew crest grass. The birds singing and tweeting as the sun rose from the unknow depths of the world. As the sweet blazes of the sun showed thier faces to sparkiling lawn, drops slowly falling of the knives of the earth.

      5 mintues later a flashing light set off and so did a alarming beeping sound.  It was 13 year old Joe Willing's alarm clock. Joe had an awful headace that was killng her, it was as if hell had crept inbetween her daffodil blonde hair and crept across her silky skin and into her head in the pitch black of night. It was calling to her as if pleading her to come with it to the depths of hell and beyond the underworld.

   Still half asleep Joe rose from her comfortabal matress and headed down stairs in her fur slippers and her pale blue dressing gown. She slided down the last steps and flopped into the oak floor kitchen searching for the tablets but they were not there.She searched and she searched but they were no were to be seen.She went to get dressed, she would have to walk to the down street doctors, she never went there because they always have lots of little children messing about and it made her want to be sick even though she was at the doctors all ready!

   several minutes past before she was ready to walk to the annoying doctors but little did she know who was waiting for her at the doctors, as if expecting her even though she was not close to there..............





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