Yours Truly

The average 16 year old girl Clara, has always been struggling making friends. She has never been one of the popular girs, and has only one really close friend. One day when she gets enough of school, she bumps into a charming young man, Harry Styles. Little did she know, that this boy could change her life completely..


9. You're Beautiful

Claras P.O.V


I lay down on his sweaty body, and felt amazing. Harry was amazing, everything was just amazing. I dont know if it was the sex, or just the fact that I really trusted him. With all the shit that had been in my life, spending the night with him could make me feel over the top. He kindly stroked my hair, took my hand and gently placed his soft lips, kissing it. "Clara?" he almost whispered. "Yeah?" I looked up at him, he was smiling. "What are we going to do about the food?" he laughed, and sat up, making me have to move away from his chest. "Oh, I'm so sorry!" I peeped. Shit, now I felt all bad, he had been cooking food and now it was too late to eat it. "It doesn't matter babe" he quietly giggled, and bent down to kiss me. As he placed his lips against mine, I felt like I was in heaven. Nothing could ever replace what I felt for Harry, because I had never felt this feeling berfore.

Since Harry was sitting, I lifted myself up and sat next to him, leaning my head on his wide shoulder. He grabbed my hand, and started stroking it, just like he had done with my hair. I wondered if he thought of me as his girlfriend or something like that. I had only had one boyfriend before, but that didn't do well. He was the reason for all the shit that had happend, and I didn't want anything like that to ever happen again."Do you think you're beautiful?" Harry asked out of the blue, which shocked me a little, since I was completley in my own thoughts. I turned my head, so I was looking into his wonderful eyes. "I... No" I mumbled. I had to tell him the truth. "But, why not?" he asked, still stroking my hand. "Well, when you've been told the opposite so many times, you kinda get use to the idea" I replied. It almost shocked me that I was so honest with him, but he made me feel like I could leave my life in his hands. 


Harrys P.O.V 


Her answer surprised me a little. What did she mean, had people been telling her she was ugly? She must have realised I was a bit shocked, because she turned her eyes away from mine. "Wh.. What do you mean?" I asked her straight away. "Harry... This isn't the time, I'll tell you some other day" She whispered, sounding insecure. I got a bit worried, but I didn't want to annoy her, so I just nodded and pulled her body close to mine. That girl sure was full of secrets. I saw the sadness in her eyes, just before she closed them. There was something, something about her past she hadn't told me. It bothered her alot, but she seemed to try and forget it. I didn't want to push her into anything, and decided to wait to the day she was ready to talk about it - whatever it was. I wrapped my arms around her almost naked body, pulled her even closer, and shut my eyes.

 Somehow we had fallen asleep, because suddenly it was morning. The sunlight warmed my face, and woke me up instantly. I slowley opend my eyes, and straight away started smiling, thinking of how yesterday had been. Although we didn't eat much, it had been a fantastic evening. Clara was still asleep, and I didn't want to wake her. I quietly took my phone to check the time, and saw that I had gotten a text from Louis. "So how did it go?;)" I read. I could just imagine the smirky smile on his face. "Perfect." I typed back, and happily pressed send. With Clara still being asleep, I just spent some minutes on my phone. There was nothing interesting on facebook, and it was the same for twitter. But then something caught my eyes. Some fans had been tweeting a picture of me and Clara, properly those girls I had talked too. Luckily it was taking from a distance, so you couldn't see what Clara really looked like. I sighed with relief, locked my phone, put it away, and lay down next to Clara again.  As I reached my arm around her, I felt all warm inside. I felt love. 

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